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All Side Adventures and their Locations in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

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by Daphne Fama
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If finding Zelda and saving Hyrule is the bread of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, then Side Adventures are the butter. They simply make Tears of the Kingdom that much better! But tracking them all down can be a little difficult. So, check out our complete list of all side adventures (and their locations!) in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

All Side Adventures and their Locations in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

There are 60 total Side Adventures in TotK, scattered all around Hyrule. And while half the fun of the game is exploration and finding new things to do, it can be difficult without something to point you in the right direction.

So, here’s our spoiler-free guide on every single side adventure with their general location. If you notice that you’re in an area and you can’t find the side adventure, it’s possible you need to do something first. For example, “A Call from the Depths” requires you to interact with a particular place to trigger it. Other side adventures might not unlock until you’ve progressed the campaign.

  • A Call from the Depths – Temple of Time Ruins
  • A Deal With the Statue – Royal Hidden Passage
  • A Letter to Koyin – Hateno Village
  • A Monstrous Collection I – Tarrey Town
  • A Monstrous Collection II – Tarrey Town
  • A Monstrous Collection III – Tarrey Town
  • A Monstrous Collection IV – Tarrey Town
  • A Monstrous Collection V – Tarrey Town
  • A New Signature Food – Hateno Village
  • An Eerie Voice – Highland Stable
  • Bring Peace to Akkala! – Eldin Canyon
  • Bring Peace to Eldin! – Eldin Canyon
  • Bring Peace to Faron! – Faron Grasslands
  • Bring Peace to Hebra! – Faron Grasslands
  • Bring Peace to Hyrule Field! – Central Hyrule
  • Bring Peace to Necluda! – Central Hyrule
  • Cece’s Secret – Hateno Village
  • Filling Out the Compendium – Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
  • For Our Princess! – Foothill Stable
  • Gourmets Gone Missing – Riverside Stable
  • Hateno Village Research Lab – Lookout Landing
  • Hestu’s Concerns – Varied
  • Honey, Bee Mine – West Necluda
  • Infiltrating the Yiga Clan – Yiga Clan Hideout
  • Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins – Thyphlo Ruins
  • Legend of the Great Sky Island – Great Sky Island
  • Lurelin Village Restoration Project – Lurelin Village
  • Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan – Great Abandoned Central Mine in the Depths
  • Mattison’s Independence – Tarrey Town
  • Messages from an Ancient Era – Lookout Landing
  • Potential Princess Sightings! – Lucky Clover Gazette
  • Presenting: Hero’s Path Mode! – Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
  • Presenting: Sensor +! – Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
  • Presenting: The Travel Medallion! – Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
  • Princess Zelda Kidnapped?! – Dueling Peaks Stable
  • Reede’s Secret – Hateno Village
  • Ruffian–Infested Village – Lurelin Village
  • Serenade to a Great Fairy – Woodland Stable
  • Serenade to Cotera – Dueling Peaks Stable
  • Serenade to Kaysa – Outskirt Stable
  • Serenade to Mija – Snowfield Stable
  • Team Cece or Team Reede? – Hateno Village
  • The All–Clucking Cucco – South Akkala Stable
  • The Beast and the Princess – New Serenne Stable
  • The Beckoning Woman – Outskirt Stable
  • The Blocked Well – Gerudo Canyon Stable
  • The Corridor between Two Dragons – Thyphlo Ruins
  • The Flute Player’s Plan – Highland Stable
  • The Hornist’s Dramatic Escape – Tabantha Frontier
  • The Hunt for Bubbul Gems! – Eldin Canyon/Woodland Stable
  • The Long Dragon – Thyphlo Ruins
  • The Mayoral Election – Hateno Village
  • The Missing Farm Tools – Wetland Stable
  • The Owl Protected by Dragons – Thyphlo Ruins
  • The Search for Koltin – Eldin Canyon
  • The Six Dragons – Thyphlo Ruins
  • The Yiga Clan Exam – Yiga Blademaster Station
  • White Goats Gone Missing – Tabantha Bridge Stable
  • Who Goes There? – Lookout Landing
  • Zelda’s Golden Horse – Snowfield Stable

Yeah! That’s quite a few side adventures. If you want a quick play-by-play on how to complete six of them (and get one of the silliest hats in the game) check out our guide here: How to Get Cece’s Hat in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK).

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