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How to Get Cece’s Hat in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

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by Daphne Fama

If you’ve been wandering the roads of Hyrule, you might have noticed some women in some fungal inspired frocks, with the hat to match. These women are all devotees of Cece, a designer. And Cece’s just released a new hat that we just have to have. To that end, here’s how to get Cece’s hat in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Get Cece’s Hat in TotK

Hateno Village used to be a cute, sleepy farming village. But with the arrival of fashionista and designer Cece, it’s taking on a mycelium slant. There are mushroom lamps, mushroom paraglider fabric, mushroom clothes.

But Cece may have just released her magnum opus with her latest hat. A hat that you can actually wear, though you might be tempted to give it to the inn owner, Prima. Isn’t it enough that we got her like, 100 crickets last time? I’m keeping mine. Prima and her fashion-adverse husband don’t deserve it.

Actually getting your hands on the hat is time consuming as you’ll need to complete six quests. Listed below are all steps needed to get Cece’s Hat in TotK

  • Speak to Cece in Hateno Village in her house across the general market.
  • Complete Team Cece or Team Reede. This is a quest that will require you to support one of the mayoral candidates. Speak to Cece or Reed to start it.
  • Complete Cece’s Secret. After you originally meet Cece in her store, speak to her sister outside of the store. You’ll need to trail Cece at night to complete it.
  • Complete Reede’s Secret. You’ll need to speak to Reede’s wife, Clavia. Like with Cece, you’ll need to trail Reede at night. Here’s a hint: you’ll need to dive into the well.
  • Complete A Signature Food. To do this quest, you’ll need to go to the pasture on the edge of the village and speak to Koyin.
  • Complete A Letter to Koyin. This is a fun little quest which requires you to retrieve a message in the bottle in the middle of a pond. To start it, you’ll need to speak to Koyin who, like mentioned above, is beside the pond near the pasture.

Once you’ve completed these six quests, speak to Sophie. She’ll tell you to wait for a sunny day. I just afk’d outside of the shop while making a sandwich. Eventually, the sunny day rolled around. Once it does, speak to Sophie, watch the cut scene, and return to Cece and her shop. At this point, Cece will finally give you her hat!

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And you know? You can’t even get it to Prima. She’s also taken away a lesson from the elections. So that fabulous hat is all yours!

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