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How to Get Rubber Armor in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) – Answered

Physics, how do they work?

by Nikola L

Rubber Armor is a type of armor in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that you should get for various safety reasons that may or may not include the electrical hazards that are roaming around through the atmosphere. Here’s where you can find Rubber Armor in TotK, and not just that, we’ll tell you how to get it, since it’s not a pretty straightforward adventure.

Where to Find Rubber Armor in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) – Answered

Whistling Hill Cave is where you will find the Rubber Armor in Tears of the Kingdom (check the map below, coordinates are -0063, -1052, 0019.).

You will need to demolish the entrance in order to get into this cave (you can fuse a rock with a sword and try that combo). Within this cave, as you progress, you will see a lot of vines that you must get rid of if you intend to go further. At some point, you’ll end up in a narrow tunnel and boulders will be tossed your way. You should (per our experience) dodge or block them. After you get behind this annoying ceiling worm, proceed left through another smashable rock wall, and you will soon get into a mini-boss fight.

It’s fairly simple, dodge the lightning balls coming your way, do range damage to the worm, and then hit it in the head when it collapses down on the ground. Repeat ad nauseam until it folds. Behind it, almost at the ceiling level, there’s another rock wall that you should demolish in order to reach the Rubber Armor. You can use an arrow that’s fused with an explosive Bomb Flower. Proceed up and you will stumble upon a chest that holds the Rubber Armor.

What Does Rubber Armor Do in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)?

Rubber Armor has a value of 3 and grants you Shock Resistance, which is important to save you from getting killed by lightning in a storm.

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This armor has build-in electricity resistance thanks to its source material – an ancient marvel called “rubber”. Such technology does not exist in this modern age.

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