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Tears of the Kingdom: How to Repair your Weapons Using Octoroks

We can finally repair!

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Weapon Repair TOTK

We all thought that there was no way to truly repair weapons in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but that isn’t the case any longer. With the help of the pesky Octorok enemies, it is possible to fully repair any weapons that are on their last legs, and they even get a stat buff to go along.

This isn’t an unlimited solution to the repair problem in TotK, and it certainly isn’t easily accessible on the Hyrule map. However, even having an odd repair system in the latest Zelda is better than what we got in Breath of the Wild, and can finally take full advantage of my weapons. Here’s how to repair weapons using Octoroks in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Repair Weapons Using Octoroks in TOTK

Some Octoroks are located west of Death Mountain in the Golow River waiting to repair weapons. The coordinates for the area are (1425, 2341, 0317). Getting here isn’t the easiest path in Hyrule if you don’t have any shrines nearby, but that’s only the first step. Once you find an Octorok, you need to drop your weapons.

The creature won’t simply take your items, and I promise it will hurl rocks at you before having any kind of conversation. The key is to sneak up on the Octorok or wait until it goes under its rock. Then approach and drop the weapon or shield you want to be repaired. After you walk away, the Octorok will suck up the weapon and spit it out with full repairs and buff in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Keep in mind that you can only do this once with each Octorok every moon cycle. That annoying blood moon cutscene that annoys me every time I see it has finally become more useful. If your weapons are going to break before you can reach an Octorok you can always use the Fuse ability as well to extend the lift just a bit. I have been using Fuse on my weapons to keep them going before the Octoroks, but now I have both options.

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