How to Unlock Vandalier in Vampire Survivors

Birdies. Birdies everywhere.

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Vandalier is a very interesting weapon in Vampire Survivors and is one of the things that you need to unlock if you aim to have 100% unlocks and achievements in Vampire Survivors. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about Vandalier and how to unlock it.

How to Get Vandalier in Vampire Survivors

Vandalier is a weapon that is made with a Union of two other weapons. Union is nothing new, and a couple of other Unions exist already at this point, including Crimson Shroud, the all-mighty Infinite Corridor, gun Union Phieraggi, and the powerful whip called Fuwalafuwaloo. A secret character called Smith IV has Vandalier as a starter weapon, too!

For Vandalier, you need Peachone and Ebony Wings at Level 8. When you do that, loot a Treasure Chest, and if it is not an Arcana chest, which guarantees that an Arcana will drop, you will get the Union.

How to Unlock Peachone in Vampire Survivors

Peachone is unlocked by staying alive for 10 minutes with any character on any map. It is also a starter weapon of Toastie, yet another secret character.

How to Unlock Ebony Wings in Vampire Survivors

After you unlock Peachone, push it to Level 7, which will unlock Ebony Wings for you. It is also a starter weapon of Exdash, a secret character that looks like the other two ghosts (Smith IV and Toastie).

“Evil” Counterparts of Peachone and Ebony Wings

It is possible to unlock two additional birds that fly around you and provide additional damage to enemies near you with one of the Arcanas that exists in Vampire Survivors. We have covered this in a separate guide below.

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We hope that you will find great enjoyment with all these birdies that rain chaos on the surrounding enemies and we invite you to scout through our other Vampire Survivors articles for more unlock guides.

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