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How to Unlock New Secret Characters Minnah and Smith IV in Vampire Survivors

These secrets have almost escaped us!

by Nikola L

If you thought the new content is going to stop coming up in Vampire Survivors, you are direly mistaken. Patch 0.7.2 has introduced TWO new secret characters which you can unlock pretty easily, and we’re here to tell you how. The Riddles are “Sometimes you just need to ask for help” and “Deal with the consequence of stealing cheese from the Dairy Plant”.

How to Get Smith IV and Minnah in Vampire Survivors

Both of these new characters are very cool to use and we have had so much fun with them already. Here’s how to unlock them:

Sometimes you just need to ask for help Solution for Vampire Survivors

Smith IV is a Ghost-like character similar to Exdash and Toastie visually and has Vandalier as a starting weapon (which is a combination of starter weapons of Exdash and Toastie). Now, to be perfectly clear, you need to have Exdash and Toastie unlocked first.

After you unlock Exdash and Toastie, there is a combination that is similar to Ultima VI’s cheat code you need to perform. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the Main Menu.
  2. Type SPAM on your keyboard (no need for shift/caps lock).
  3. Go to Character Selection.
  4. Type SPAM again.
  5. Go to Stage Selection.
  6. Type SPAM again.
  7. Quickly select a stage and your Arcana (doesn’t matter which).
  8. Upon entering the stage, type HUMBUG and hit the Enter key. A jingle should play.
  9. Leave the run and open the character list.
  10. Congratulations, you have another ghost member on your team!

Deal with the consequence of stealing cheese from the Dairy Plant

This one is a bit easier… Or is it…?

After you collect the Yellow Sign, we advise you to take the easier route and have Arcana VIII – Mad Groove ready. When you have them both, head out to the Dairy Plant. When you choose Arcana VIII, all items on the map will be automatically drawn to you. One of the items is the Cursed Cheese. Go ahead and pick it up. A lot of werewolf bosses will spawn. In order to unlock Minnah, you need to defeat all of them. See the gallery below:

Minnah has a Bloody Tear (Evolved Whip) as a starter item which is one of the best starting options that you can get in the game right now, especially because you can evolve it further into FuwalaFuwaloo.

Oh and, there is a way to find the Cursed Cheese on the Dairy Plant stage. But there are no clear indications on where exactly it is as the Yellow Sign does not show the Cursed Cheese on the map and we have various reports on where to look for it. However, we have sent an intern from the team to go and look for it on foot. Some of us feel that it’s less time-consuming to grind for the Arcana VIII. We’ll see. We haven’t heard from the intern for a few days but we know for a fact that he’s well-fed. It’s a Dairy Plant after all! We hope they return safely so that they can update this article with more precise info.

See what else is new in the 0.7.0 (0.7.2) patch here – there’s a lot of content to be explored and unlocked. Make sure to bookmark the pages you might need later (for yourself or to send a guide to a friend who’s also grinding for the achievements).

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