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How to Craft a Personal Chest in Valheim (2023)

Your very own chest for storing your Viking belongings

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Craft a Personal Chest in Valheim (2023)

In survival games where you work hard to collect and stash resources and rare items, there is no worse feeling than when they suddenly disappear, especially if other players decide to “borrow” some of your things without asking. This is why there are Personal Chests in Valheim that only you can access – let’s find out how to craft them.

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How to Craft a Personal Chest in Valheim

The Personal Chest is your personal safe stash in which you can store up to six items that only you will be able to access. Only the owner of the Personal Chest can destroy it with a Hammer rather quickly, while other players can try to destroy it with Axes – but even with the most robust axes in the game (like Blackmetal Axe), it will take them about three minutes to do so.

You can craft a Personal Chest in Valheim using these materials:

  • Fine Wood x10
  • Iron x8

The Personal Chest is a great way to protect six valuable items from other players, but if you want to protect other things like regular chests, doors, and more, you can craft and set up some Wards.

How to make Ward in Valheim

To make a Ward in Valheim you will need the following materials:

  • Fine Wood x5
  • Greydwarf Eyes x5
  • Surtling Core x1

Once placed, the Ward will emit a strong aura that prevents other players from building things in the area it covers, and will also lock all of the chests and doors in its range. To activate/deactivate a placed Ward, you need to get close to it and press the “E” key.

Now you know a few ways to protect your Silver and other valuables in Valheim from other players so, hopefully, your stuff won’t get ninja’d again!

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