How to Defeat Moder and Get Dragon Tears in Valheim (2023)

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Dragon Tears are a rare resource in Valheim and are necessary for you (and your friends, if playing in multiplayer) to progress into the next Biomes by building an Artisan table, which opens up a whole load of new stuff to craft. Prima Games is always here to help you with your Valheim quests. Dragon Tears drop from Moder after you manage to defeat the dragon. 10 of them drop so that’ll be enough for all your needs.

How to Fight Moder in Valheim

To fight and beat Moder, you first need to set up three Dragon Eggs at his altar. The altar location can be found by randomly stumbling upon it or by getting a “tip” from a runestone, the way you usually do. We have a short guide on this as well:

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The Altar of Moder looks like a circle with red letters on it. When you spot it, you’ll know it; it’s hard to miss.

What are Moder’s Weaknesses in Valheim?

You will need to farm for Fire Arrow materials in the woods (Resin, Feathers, Woods). Having a shield for tanking purposes is also recommended. The fight itself is one of the easier boss fights in Valheim, but it takes a lot of time to complete because Moder keeps flying around the damn mountain! Root Armor is cool for bonus Bow skill. Be prepared with enough meads, eat a lot of +Health and +Stamina Food, get well rested, and build up your Comfort in the house.

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When Moder is on the ground, you may get bitten or mauled, or Moder can decide to breathe frost upon you. All attacks are telegraphed, so you will have time to prepare a parry, block, or dodge.

When Moder is flying, you may see ice shards flying your way. It’s ideal to shoot some Fire Arrows at Moder before those shards are launched since he will be floating still and then hide behind a rock.

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Where to Find Dragon Tears in Valheim

Once Moder is dead as a dodo, you may approach its corpse and loot your 10 Dragon Tears. You need just two for crafting the Artisan table, so you’ll have Artisan tables in five of your settlements. Most players hate Mountains for various reasons and do not want to farm Moder repeatedly, so killing Moder once is enough.

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