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Valheim Food Tier List: Best Foods in Valheim, Ranked (January 2023)

This isn't Jamie Oliver or Hell Kitchen. Well, maybe Hellheim Kitchen. We'll see.

by Nikola L

Valheim has resurged in popularity ever since the Mistlands update was released, and if you aren’t sold on revisiting the game you grinded a few years ago, Ashlands is also on the way. It seems that Iron Gate has gone to fifth gear after a long period of hibernation, and there are many new cuisine specialties that you can make in Valheim. Here’s the best foods in Valheim, ranked.

Best Food in Valheim (January 2023)

There’s quite a lot of food in Valheim, ranging from stuff that you just pick up in the wilds and eat to end-game food which is tedious to make due to the scarcity of the materials required. However, we will disregard the production difficulties and sort the food based on what they provide because we assume that everyone will max out their resources before heading out to raids. Food can provide your character with Health, Stamina, and Eitr bonuses.

Now, some food is better for tanks, some for mages, and some for damage dealers. Still, you will undoubtedly find a decent combination of food for your character, depending on your situation.

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  • S-Tier: The combined value of Health, Stamina, and Eitr is over 110
  • A-Tier: Combined value greater than 100
  • B-Tier: Combined value greater than 80
  • C-Tier: Combined value greater than 60
  • D-Tier: Combined value greater than 50
  • F-Tier: Combined value 50 or lower
  • R-Tier: Random Tier. Bukeperries (or Puke Berries, shall we say) are there to purge your stomach and choose different food for your character.

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Seeker aspicS2814851273
Yggdrasil porridgeS2713801203
Fish n’ breadS309001203
Misthare supremeS852801135
Mushroom omeletteS288501133
Stuffed mushroomS2512751123
Honey glazed chickenA802601065
Meat platterA802601065
Serpent stewA802601064
Blood puddingB257501002
Lox meat pieB75240994
Cooked serpent meatB70230933
Fish wrapsB70230934
Wolf skewerB65210863
Cooked chicken meatC60200805
Cooked hare meatC60200805
Cooked seeker meatC60200805
Onion soupC20600801
Turnip stewC18550732
Black soupC50170673
Cooked lox meatC50160664
Wolf jerkyC33330663
Carrot soupD15450602
Cooked fishD45150602
Cooked wolf meatD45150603
Deer stewD45150603
Queens jamD14400542
Minced Meat SauceD40130533
Jotun puffsF25250501
Cooked deer meatF35120472
Cooked eggF35120471
Boar jerkyF23230462
Cooked boar meatF30100402
Yellow mushroomF10300401
Grilled neck tailF2580332

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