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Where to Get Anglerfish in Valheim: Anglerfish Locations Guide

Gone Fishin' / Er på fisketur

by Nikola L
Valheim Vulkan API

Anglerfish are the new Fish type that appears very close to the coast of Mistlands. There are a few cool things that you can do with Anglerfish, including one of the top-tier meals: Fish ‘n’ Bread. Prima Games will teach you how to Fish for Anglerfish so that you can get fed for a lifetime (of your character). It is not (very) complicated. Here’s where to get Anglerfish in Valheim.

Where to Fish for Anglerfish in Valheim

Given the randomization of the terrain generator (based on the seed), you may encounter a Continental type of Mistlands Biome in rare cases, so if that happens, you most probably will need to find other Mistlands locations on your server, which yes, we know, might be tedious at times. If you want to find Anglerfish, it’s the best idea to look for them just slightly off the coastline. They are sea fish after all.

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How to Catch Anglerfish in Valheim

Catch 22 with Anglerfish is that you will need specific tools for the job. Naturally, you need a Fishing Rod for this task, which Haldor will happily provide to you for just 350 Gold Coins. For Anglerfish, you need to prepare a special bait called Misty Fishing Bait.

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How to Make Misty Fishing Bait in Valheim

Misty Fishing Bait will help you catch Pufferfish and Anglerfish in Valheim, and you can make it by putting 1 Grouper (Fish from Plains Biome) and 1 Lox Trophy (Found in Plains. If you do not have your very own Lox farm by now, we suggest you make it) in the Cauldron.

  • Grouper are caught with Sticky Fishing Bait, which is made from Fuling Trophy (Plains), and Giant Herring (Swamp) which you catch with Sticky Fishing Bait.
  • Sticky Fishing Bait is made with Abomination Trophy (Swamp) and Trollfish (Black Forest) which you catch with Mossy Bait.
  • Mossy Bait is made with Troll Trophy (Black Forest) and Perch (this one is at least easy to obtain)

If you haven’t fished a lot by now, we hope that these steps will help you.

How to Cook Anglerfish and Make Fish ‘n’ Bread in Valheim

  • 1x Anglerfish
  • 2x Bread Dough

Put into Stone Oven at 300 degrees for 15 minutes. Just kidding. It will burn into Coal if you leave it in the Stone Oven for too long.

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