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How to Farm Soft Tissue in Valheim: Everything You Need to Know

I swear, half of this game is crafting and building...

by Nikola L
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Soft Tissue is one of the resources you can find in Valheim and use for various things as you wander through the procedurally-generated world in single or multiplayer. Prima Games has decided to fill you in on everything you need to know about Soft Tissue, which will help you with this Mistlands resource which has more uses than you can possibly imagine!

Where to Find Soft Tissue in Valheim?

Soft Tissue is commonly found in the Mistlands:

  • If you have a Black Metal Pickaxe (or better quality) you can dig up the remains of Giants that are spread out across the Biome. They look like large limbs, skulls, and whatnot, they are nearly impossible to miss.
  • Kill the Dvergr in the Mistlands (Mages and Rogues) and you might get a drop of Soft Tissue
  • Loot the Dvergr Crates located around their campsites

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What can I use Soft Tissue for in Valheim?

You can use the Soft Tissue to craft Refined eitr at the Eitr Refinery by combining:

  • 1x Soft Tissue
  • 1x Sap (extracted with Sap Extractor)

How to Make Sap Extractor in Valheim?

By using your Workbench you can craft Sap Extractor easily:

  • 10x Yggdrasil wood
  • 5x Black metal
  • 1x Dvergr extractor (found in Dvergr camps usually)

How to Make Eitr Refinery in Valheim?

At your Workbench, you can craft the Eitr Refinery by combining the following materials:

  • 20x Black marble
  • 5x Black metal
  • 10x Yggdrasil wood
  • 5x Black core (found in Infested Mines in Mistlands)
  • 3x Sap

How to Craft a Galdr Table in Valheim?

When you are at your Workbench, you can craft a Galdr Table for yourself with these materials:

  • 20x Yggdrasil Wood
  • 5x Black Metal
  • 5x Black Core
  • 5x Refined Eitr

You will need the Galdr Table to craft the Sealbreaker if you wish to progress through Mistlands and kill the Queen.
Also, magic staves and other magical stuff will be available for you, but more on that some other day (Bookmark our Valheim game tag).

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We hope you have found this article helpful and we hope to see you soon here at Prima Games.

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