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All Cheat Codes in Valheim

by Morgan Shaver

Valheim is a fun game to play whether you’re playing it without cheats or with cheats enabled. When it comes to cheat codes in Valheim, there are actually several that you can use to help make your life easier, or to goof off with and have a good time.

From spawning items to enabling God Mode, here are all of the cheat codes you can use in Valheim! 

Update 8/24/21: We have a guide on the boss order in Valheim that we recommend checking out as it can help you prepare

All Cheat Codes in Valheim

The first question when it comes to cheat codes in Valheim is how to enable and use them. To enable and use cheats, you’ll need to run through the following steps while playing Valheim: 

  • Cheats only available in singleplayer 
  • Press F5 to open command console
  • Type imacheater then press enter
  • You’ll see imacheater then Cheats: True
  • Enter the cheat codes you’d like to use
  • To turn off cheats, type imacheater again and press enter
  • You’ll see Cheats: False when cheats are turned off

Currently, Valheim is in Early Access on Steam. Before you activate and use cheat codes, note that this could result in bugs and glitches in your game. We recommend having at least two different save files – one to use cheats on and one without. 

That way, if something goes wrong when you’re using cheats, you can create another “cheat code save” and start over again. What’s nice is that it shouldn’t take too long to rebuild when using cheats as opposed to having to start over from scratch without cheats.

When looking at the command console, it informs you that you can type “help” to view commands though the ones it brings up aren’t cheats but are ones you can use to do things like kick out an unruly person. If you open up your world to other people, this is useful.

Below, we’ve listed these standard console commands that the game provides: 

  • Help – list all commands
  • Save – manual save
  • Kick [name/ip/user ID] – kick user
  • Ban [name/ip/user ID] – ban user
  • Unban [ip/user ID] – unban user
  • Banned – list banned users
  • Ping – ping server
  • Lodbias – set distance lod bias
  • Info – print system info

While those commands are fairly straightforward in that they let you kick someone, ban someone, and unban someone, there are cheats in Valheim that greatly expand upon what you can do in the game. 

Below, we’ve listed all of the cheat codes that you can use in Valheim. To use them, you’ll want to follow the process listed above of pressing F5 then typing “imacheater” before entering in any of these codes. 

Valheim – Cheat Codes

Cheat codes will be broken into two lists, the first for gameplay cheats like teleportation and freefly camera, and the second list for character cheats like God Mode.

Note letter capitalization with cheats like “freefly” requiring all lowercase and cheats like item spawns require the item itself to be capitalized. 

Cheat Code List #1

  • tame – tame all nearby animals
  • killall – kill all nearby enemies
  • removedrops – remove all nearby dropped items
  • sleep – rest and skip to following day
  • exploremap – explore full map
  • resetmap – reset map exploration
  • location – spawn location
  • goto [x,z] – teleport to coordinates specified by [X,Z]
  • tod [0-1] – set time of day
  • tod – 1 – reset time of day
  • skiptime [seconds] – fast-forward the specified number of seconds
  • event [name] – start specified event
  • stopevent – stop specified event
  • freefly – freefly camera 
  • ffsmooth – smooth freefly
  • wind [angle 0-360] [intensity 0-1] – change wind angles and intensity
  • resetwind – reset wind angle/intensity to default
  • players [num] – difficulty scaling based on number of players (0 to reset)
  • listkeys – list all global keys
  • setkey [name] – set new global key
  • resetkeys [name] – resets specified key
  • dpsdebug – damage-per-second debug overlay on/off
  • env [env] – set debug environment
  • resetenv – reset debug environment
  • debugmode – enter Debug Mode

Debug Mode

  • Enter “debugmode” in command console
  • B – Repair any item w/o Workbench
  • K – Kill all nearby enemies
  • Z – Flying Mode
  • Spawn [item] [quantity] [level] – spawns a specified item at the amount and level of your choice

Items need a capital letter to spawn so “deer” won’t spawn but “Deer” with a capital “D” will spawn

Item Spawn Command Examples: 

  • spawn Wood 10
  • spawn Stone 10
  • spawn Deer 1
  • spawn Coal 5
  • spawn Hammer 1
  • spawn CookedMeat 5
  • spawn BarleyWine 1
  • spawn AxeBlackMetal 1
  • spawn ArmorWolfLegs 1 
  • spawn ArmorWolfChest 1
  • spawn CapeWolf 1
  • spawn HelmetDrake 1
  • spawn HelmetDverger 1
  • spawn HelmetYule 1
  • spawn SwordCheat 1 
  • spawn Haldor 1

Note that when you spawn Haldor the Merchant he’ll appear floating in the air and will remain in the spot you’ve spawned him. Spawning Haldor in or around your home base, or in a safe area, is recommended.

Also be careful with the number of items you spawn at once. We recommend starting small, then increasing as needed. Be sure to check back as we’ll be creating a separate guide with every single item that you can spawn in the game using cheats. There are a lot

Cheat Code List #2

  • god – activate God Mode (take no damage)
  • ghost – activate Ghost Mode (ignored by enemies)
  • heal – restore your character to full health
  • puke – reset hunger level, default health, and stamina
  • hair – permanently remove hair
  • beard – permanently remove beard
  • model [0/1] – change character model between feminine/masculine body types
  • resetcharacter – reset character
  • pos – print current player position
  • raiseskill [skill] [amount] – raise skill level from 0 to 100
  • resetskill [skill name] – reset specified skill back to 0

All Raise Skill Level Examples

  • raiseskill run 100
  • raiseskill clubs 100
  • raiseskill bows 100
  • raiseskill swim 100
  • raiseskill knives 100
  • raiseskill sneak 100
  • raiseskill blocking 100
  • raiseskill unarmed 100
  • raiseskill axes 100
  • raiseskill pickaxes 100
  • raiseskill jump 100
  • raiseskill swords 100
  • raiseskill spears 100
  • raiseskill polearms 100
  • raiseskill woodcutting 100

As mentioned above, we’ll be creating separate guides on item spawn codes which range from resources to weapons to NPCs like Haldor. Hopefully this list of cheat codes has been helpful to you, and helps boost your overall enjoyment of Valheim! 

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