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How to Teleport to Someone in Valheim: Teleport Command Guide for Multiplayer

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by Nikola L
Valheim Vulkan API

Traversing around the world that has been generated on your Valheim server can truly be tedious at times, even if you have established a portal network that reliably connects all of your bases and all available biomes and boss fights.
Luckily, there are developer codes (or shall we say, cheats) in Valheim that you can use to easily teleport yourself around the map, including to someone who is on your server. Prima Games will also teach you How To Enable Cheats in Multiplayer in Valheim on your server because that is one of the necessary steps for the teleport to be available.

How to Teleport Your Character in Valheim: Console Cheat Guide

First things first, make sure to have cheats enabled on your server. If this is not officially available in the current version of Valheim, you will need to install appropriate third-party mods as well, which we’ll speak about later in the article, don’t worry.

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The console command to teleport is:

goto x, y, z

The values of X, Y, and Z are, similar to Minecraft for example, places in the coordinate system.

How to Enable Cheats in Multiplayer in Valheim

Nexus Mods is your eternal friend for all of those cool games that allow mods. We’ve taken the time to find a few that you will need in order to enable cheats in Multiplayer on your Valheim server.

How to Find Your Coordinates in Valheim

While cheats are ON, you can type in “pos” in the console (short for “position”). It will reveal your X, Y, and Z coordinates within the console.
With these numbers, you know where you are, so a friend can teleport to you, OR if a friend tells you their coordinates, you can hop on to their location in seconds.

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