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Where to Get Dragon Eggs in Valheim

Better get some wolf pelt blankets...

Dragon Eggs are a pretty item you can use to decorate your quarters in Valheim. No, you may not use them to hatch your own dragonling pets (YET, but let’s put that idea on the table, maybe Iron Gate devs will read this article), but you most definitely will use it to summon boss called Moder, which is essential for your progress. Prima Games will let you know how and where to get your Dragon Eggs in Valheim since they are somewhat difficult to find.

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How to Find Dragon Eggs in Valheim

Dragon Eggs are found in the Mountain Biome. The Mountain Biome is tedious since it’s very cold there. As soon as you set foot on that snow, you will get a freeze debuff so you need either some adequate protection gear to keep you warm (Lox Cape, Wolf Fur Cape, Fenris Set, or Wolf Chest Armor) or an adequate elixir to act as an antifreeze to your Viking’s body (Frost Resistance Mead). When you are set to survive on the freezing mountaintop, you are ready to explore it and find the Dragon Eggs.

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Where Are the Dragon Eggs in Valheim Mountain?

Dragon Eggs can be found in random places that may or may not look like dragon nests. Usually, you will see Drakes flying in reasonable proximity to the Dragon Egg spawn location. The Dragon Egg is relatively large and has a black-violet tint so you should have no issues noticing it in the whiteness of the snowy plains of Mountain Biome.

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How to Defeat Drakes That Guard Dragon Eggs in Valheim

They are adapted well to the freezing conditions, so don’t charge at them with any Frost-type attacks. However, Fire-type attacks will wreak havoc on them. Get some decent bow and a lot of Fire Arrows. If you are not a good shot against moving targets, wait for the Drake to stop and charge up their attack. And aim for its head.

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What is the Respawn Timer For Dragon Eggs in Valheim?

If you find a location that yields Dragon Eggs, after hauling one away, another should appear within eight in-game hours.
Patience will be rewarded.

How to Make Frost Resistance Mead

Put the below ingredients into Cauldron (10x Tin, Forge needed), get the Mead Base, and throw it into Fermenter (10x Fine Wood, 5x Bronze, 10x Resin, Forge needed):

  • Honey x10
  • Thistle x5
  • Bloodbag x2
  • Greydwarf eye x1

Can You Use Portal to Transport Dragon Eggs?

No. Start lifting to haul that 200-Weight inventory slot occupier to the Altar of Moder.

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We wish you good luck in your process of standing up to evil reign of Moder, and invite you to check out more of our Valheim content at the game tag below.

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