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How to Get the Horn of Celebration in Valheim

It is always right time for celebration

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Get the Horn of Celebration in Valheim

When Valheim, a Viking survival sandbox game, turned one year old, Iron Gate Studio added a special item – the Horn of Celebration. As this anniversary has long passed, many players are wondering if it is still possible to find or craft this item today. Let’s find out.

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How to Get the Horn of Celebration in Valheim?

Horn of Celebration is an ornate tankard item that can be used to toast with Mead, which is a must-have in your inventory. So, how do you get this celebratory drinking horn in Valheim? You must to craft it, so you will need a workbench first. Next, collect the following materials:

  • Bronze x2 (created in a Forge by combining Copper x2 and Tin x1)
  • Troll hide x2 (defeat at least one Troll in the Black Forest)
  • Iron x2 (created in Smelter by combining Scrap Iron and Coal)

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How to Use the Horn of Celebration in Valheim

Once you get all of the materials listed above and visit a workbench, you can finally craft your own Horn of Celebration! To use it, just slot it into any of the hotkey slots, and be sure to have some Mead (health and stamina boost consumable item) in your inventory before clicking on it, or pressing the hotkey you assigned. Don’t forget to say shout “Skål” before taking a Mead shot from the horn – the nordic way of saying cheers!

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