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All Valheim Bosses in Order (2023)

All the big bois

by Patrick Souza
Valheim All Bosses

Valheim’s not only about your Viking survival skills, but also about your Viking killing abilities. Along with the many creatures that want you dead (and there are lots of those, really), each area also has a big boss that must be summoned to be challenged, promising glorious combat with tons of HP, ferocious movements, and other attacks to make you rage like there’s no tomorrow. Here are all bosses in Valheim and how to summon them.

All Valheim Bosses in Order (2023)

You must defeat them in this order, and each new encounter will naturally be a step up from the previous one. Summoning each of the bosses requires placing a certain quantity of specific items in the region’s Mystical Altar as a sacrifice, and you can resummon them indefinitely as long as you have the items.

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Eikthyr Boss Valheim
Image via Coffee Stain Publishing
  • Biome: Meadows
  • Item required: 2 Deer Trophies

The first challenge to overcome in the initial areas, this not-so-friendly reindeer should not be underestimated as its lightning attacks can easily get you by surprise in the worst possible moment. But as the first boss, he’s also on the lower side of the difficulty curve.

The Elder

The Elder Boss Valheim
Image via Coffee Stain Publishing
  • Biome: Black Forests
  • Item required: 3 Ancient Seeds

Feel nature’s wrath when facing this ancient forest creature. Keep an eye on both his vine attacks and your surroundings, as more creatures may join the fight if you’re having an unlucky day.


Image via Coffee Stain Publishing
  • Biome: Swamps
  • Item required: 10 Withered Bones

You’re fighting this monstrous amalgamation in the Swamps, which means that you’ll be inflicted with Wet the whole fight. To add to the adversities, the Bonemass will occasionally spawn more creatures to aid him, so be careful not to get overwhelmed that easily.


Image via Coffee Stain Publishing
  • Biome: Mountains
  • Item required: 3 Dragon Eggs 

It wouldn’t be a Norse mythology game without killing at least one big dragon. Her aerial attacks can be hard to dodge, but she’ll eventually come down for you to smack some retribution on her. But be careful with her freezing breath while she’s not flying, as it could be even deadlier than the ice stacks.

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Yagluth Boss Valheim
Image via Coffee Stain Publishing
  • Biome: Plains
  • Item required: 5 Fuling Totems

This long-forsaken king is all about fire attacks, so be ready to dodge some explosions and even some meteors on the way. Using fire-resistance items is essential for surviving, as well as frost arrows and other ranged attacks.

The Queen

The Queen Valheim Boss
Image via Coffee Stain Publishing
  • Biome: Mistlands
  • Item required: 3 Seeker Soldier Trophies (after first beating her)

The current final boss of Valheim is somewhat gimmicky. She’ll automatically spawn as soon as you open the Infested Citadel, which can only be entered by a Sealbreaker made with the 9 fragments found in the Infested Mines. Her altar is located at the top of the Citadel, and can be used to resummon her if you so desire. But do so at your own risk as the Queen is an extremely powerful, poisonous, and fast creature that can easily knock you down before you can even see her emerging from the ground.

Defeating each boss will grant you their own Trophy for you to exhibit proudly. But if you’re not the type that enjoys just bragging rights, you can place the trophy in the boss’ respective Mystical Altar to gain its Forsaken Power temporarily. Once activated, a power lasts 5 minutes and is granted to all nearby players, giving them special bonuses such as permanent tailwind while sailing, boosted resistances, or decreased stamina costs.

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