How to Beat Assurance Moon in Lethal Company

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Assurance Lethal Company
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Assurance is probably the second easiest Moon to beat in Lethal Company, but it is not to be underestimated, even if it’s slightly more complicated than Experimentation. One misstep and it’s all over for your crew. Here’s how to survive the Assurance Moon in Lethal Company.

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How to Get Into Facility on Assurance Moon in Lethal Company

Two ways exist to enter the Facility on the Assurance Moon in Lethal Company. One is via the main entrance, and the other is the fire exit. It’s helpful to know both.

How to Reach Main Facility Entrance on Assurance Moon in Lethal Company

There are two ways to reach the Main entrance, but I’ll show you the fastest:

  • Picture 1: As soon as you land, exit the ship door, and while standing on the ship, get to the back of the ship, jump off and turn left 45 degrees, climb the mountain, and turn right, as pictured.
  • Picture 2: Go forward, and you will need to jump off. Hug the mountain as you drop to mitigate the fall damage. Proceed forward and climb up the ladder.
  • Picture 3: Enter the Facility. Here would be an excellent spot to stash stuff that you loot before finally deciding to depart from the Moon.

To get back to the ship, just retrace your steps and hug the right side of the mountain, and you will reach it in no time.

How to Reach Fire Exit Entrance on Assurance Moon in Lethal Company

The easiest way to reach the Fire Exit entrance on Assurance Moon in Lethal Company is to go to the back of your ship, turn right (45 degrees), and jump off.

  • Picture 1: As soon as you go around a rock formation, you will see a scaffolding and a ladder. Climb the ladder and proceed forward until you see a big pipe.
  • Picture 2: Jump on the pipe (while holding the Sprint button) and do the same to reach the Facility entrance.

How to Survive Assurance Moon in Lethal Company

Various dangers loom on the Assurance Moon, so let’s analyze what’s happening here despite it not being overly dangerous:

The Outside

During the daytime, your only concern will be the occasional bees, and during the night, you will be hunted down by the following entities on Assurance Moon:

If the conditions are rainy, you should look out for quicksand patches, which you might see as a darker shade of sand.

The Inside

The inside looks mainly like the Experimentation, with various procedurally generated hallways. Here’s what lurks within the Facility on the Assurance Moon.

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