Who is the Ghost Girl in Lethal Company?

You better stay away from the creepy little girl.

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You will come across many terrifying monsters in Lethal Company, but the creepiest among them is a little girl roaming in the facility. But who is that little girl?

What is the Ghost Girl in Lethal Company?

The Ghost Girl, also known as the DressGirlAI, is one of the creepiest monsters in Lethal Company. She appears in a red dress with white dots on it and brown hair covering her face. She will target players one at a time based on the Insanity Level and Turn Amount of all players.

A player’s Insanity Level is a hidden bar in Lethal Company that will slowly increase throughout your time in a facility based on various actions and occurrences. Exploring alone, spending time in darkness, and interacting with hostile enemies are some of the most notable actions that will increase your Insanity.

Turn Amount is interpreted as panic, and it’s determined by how many times a player has rotated their camera. This means every time you shake your mouse, turn, or look around, your Turn Amount will increase.

So to lower your chances of encountering the Ghost Girl, you’ll want to stick together in a group, chat away with teammates through the walkie-talkie, and limit your camera movements.

How to Survive the Ghost Girl in Lethal Company

To survive the Ghost Girl in Lethal Company, you have to run to the ship and lock yourself in it. You will know when you are being haunted by the Ghost Girl when the following signs start happening to you:

  • You will hear her giggling or breathing in your ear.
  • The lights in the room will start flickering.
  • You will have distorted or muffled hearing.
  • You will be the only person to see her. She will start appearing in front of you, and no other player will be able to see her.

This will be your cue to get outside the facility and run toward the ship. However, the little Ghost Girl will still chase you outside and follow you to the ship until you get inside and lock yourself in.

If you are still inside the facility, you can move around the rooms to try to get away from her as much as you can. But, after some time, she will enter Attack Mode, where she will start skipping toward you. If she touches you or you approach her, she will kill you instantly. Teleporting away will end her pursuit, but she will still target you.


The Ghost Girl cannot take damage. Don’t bother trying to hurt her.

After you have died, the little girl will then target the other players, moving onto the player with the next highest Insanity and Turn Amount. The Insanity Level is affected by how much time you spend on your own or the time spent in darkness, while Turn Amount is affected by how much you move the camera.

You can decrease your Insanity Level if you stay with your teammates and listen to them talking on the walkie-talkie. This will reduce your chances of being haunted by the Ghost Girl due to low insanity.


To help manage your sanity, you can buy a walkie-talkie to keep in touch with fellow teammates and a flashlight to keep yourself out of darkness. Both items can be purchased from the console terminal’s store. The standard prices of the items are 15 credits for the flashlight (or 25 for a pro-flashlight) and 12 credits for the walkie-talkie. But discounts occur regularly, so be sure to check prices every day.

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