How to Beat the Forest Keeper in Lethal Company

Giant slaying could be a sub-branch of our business here at Lethal Company.

How to Beat Forest Keeper Lethal Company
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Forest Keeper is one of your biggest enemies in Lethal Company. Despite its size, you may only notice this monster once it’s too late to do anything. What can you do against this humungous giant, and can you even beat the Forest Keeper in Lethal Company? Let’s find out.

Can you Defeat the Forest Keeper in Lethal Company?

At this moment, I have not managed to defeat the Forest Keeper and have yet to find plausible evidence that it can be beaten. If such an occasion happens, I will inform you by updating this article accordingly.

How to Spot Forest Keeper in Lethal Company

Forest Keeper looks like a big headless giant that’s taller than most of the trees in the forest. Naturally, Forest Keeper can only be found outside. It has eyes on the chest and mouth where the stomach area would be (reminiscent of Xing Tian if you are into SMITE or mythology and ancient deities in general).

You can hear its very loud and ground-shaking footsteps when it’s moving nearby. The Forest Keeper is wide, but thin, meaning that sometimes you won’t easily spot it from a distance if it’s standing sideways.

How to Outrun Forest Keeper in Lethal Company

Since we can’t beat the Forest Keeper and can’t join it either (not in a way that’s beneficial for us, at least), we have to outrun it. One crucial factor to outrunning the Forest Keeper is to stay out of its line of sight, as it apparently can’t hear anything, so breaking its line of sight and staying as far away from it as possible will hopefully make it stop chasing you.

Stunning the Forest Keeper or using the Jet Pack can aid you in getting some advantage while trying to outrun it.

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