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How to Kill Snare Fleas in Lethal Company

Just give them a lil bonk on the head

Nothing is more aggravating than entering a building on your first day of work only to hear a screeching sound and see an odd bug eat your head. Here’s how to kill snare fleas in Lethal Company.

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What Are Snare Fleas in Lethal Company?

Lethal Company’s Snare Flea is a huge larva-like bug that likes to hang out on the dark ceilings of facilities, especially near warm vents. If you pass near or below one, it’ll drop down on top of you and hug your head, slowly suffocating the life out of you. The attached Snare Flea will cause you to drop your items, obscure your vision, muffle your voice, and incrementally damage you until it is removed or until you are dead. However, if you are playing the game solo, the Snare Flea will detach once you’re at critical health.

Snare Flea Bestiary Entry

The Lethal Company Bestiary describes Snare Fleas as the following:

“A very large arthropod of the class chilopoda. Its body produces a silk which it primarily uses to propel itself to places where it is concealed. Its exoskeleton is somewhat fragile, and they can die from long falls. The snare flea does not produce venom, nor does it have a strong bite. It makes up for this weakness with its ability to tighten itself around large prey to suffocate.

The snare flea thrives in dark, warm areas. It cannot survive low temperatures and generally avoids open air and sunlight take the rats outside or just beat the hell out of them! I think their insides could make a good milkshake.”

How to Deal With Snare Fleas in Lethal Company

The best way to deal with Snare Fleas in Lethal Company is to hit them with a shovelSince shovels are available right when you start the game through the ship’s store, you can enter your first area with one on hand, allowing you to deal with fleas and other monsters you encounter.

Alternatively, you can use environmental objects like stop signs to deal with Snare Fleas, among other similar enemies. However, you’re not guaranteed to find this everywhere, making the shovel more reliable. If you encounter the stop sign, you can use this as a backup if you lose the shovel until you sell it on your quota deadline day.

Other Snare Flea Strategies

If a Snare Flea latches onto your head, you can remove it in a number of ways:

  • If you have a Shovel, try to locate it and use it, or have a teammate use the Shovel on the Snare Flea.
  • The Snare Flea will die outside the facility: try to blindly find the exit or have a teammate guide you to the exit.
  • If you can teleport, doing so will kill the Snare Flea.
  • Have a teammate stun the Snare Flea with either a Stun Grenade or Zap Gun (both items are available in the ship’s terminal store).

How to Find Snare Fleas in Lethal Company

The best way to spot Snare Fleas is to glance up at the ceiling while running around. They spawn on the ceiling, particularly near vents, and will latch onto your head as you approach it. They’ll also make a loud sound as you get near them, giving away their presence.

If you look up and notice a Snare Flea on the roof, you can bait it to fall to the floor and chase you before hitting it with your shovel. Hitting it once or twice will quickly eliminate it, allowing you to move on with the rest of your day.

How to Get a Shovel in Lethal Company

You can buy a shovel in Lethal Company through your ship’s terminal store for 30 scrap. To enter the shop, type store into the terminal to view its listings, then enter shovel and confirm. Once you pick up your shovel, you can carry it onto different moons and use it to deal with enemies, like the Snare Flea.

Since inventory space is valuable, only one or two people carrying a shovel is best, while the rest keep their hands available to pick up items. That way, if you stick together and notice a Snare Flea or other enemies, you’ll still have someone to deal with the threat without sacrificing too many inventory slots.

That’s all for Snare Fleas, but are you curious about other items in the game that might help you on your journey to hitting profit quotas? Check out our list of all items in Lethal Company, or click the tag below to browse our growing article collection.

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