All Items and How to Use Them in Lethal Company

Not all items are worth the credits

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Items can make or break a run in Lethal Company, so it’s a good idea to know how to use them. Here’s how to use all items in Lethal Company.

How to Use All Items in Lethal Company

You don’t start off with much, but the items you buy or find along the way are all that keep you alive. To that end, here’s how to use every item in Lethal company.

All Equipment in Lethal Company

Equipment covers most of the items in Lethal Company, from your weapons to your walkie-talkies. So, let’s dive right in.

How to Use the Flashlight in Lethal Company

The flashlight is another essential item, especially if you intend to play Lethal Company solo. Not only will flashlights help you find items, but they’ll also let you see the Snare Fleas on the ceiling.

Like the shovel, the flashlight can be purchased from the shop in the ship’s terminal for 15 credits. The pro-flashlight can be bought for 30 credits.

To use the flashlight in Lethal Company, you must have it equipped. Then, left-click to turn it on.

The common flashlight

  • Battery life: 5 hours

The pro-flashlight

  • Battery life: 6 hours and 45 minutes
  • Notes: Much brighter than the common flashlight

How to Use Walkie-Talkies in Lethal Company

Walkie-talkies are incredibly useful, especially if you have someone back in the ship keeping an eye on the radar and opening secured doors.

The walkie-talkie can be purchased from the ship terminal’s shop for 12 credits. It will last an entire day. To use the walkie-talkie, you’ll need to have it equipped. Press the left mouse button to transmit your voice over to your long-distance coworker.

How to Use Lockpickers in Lethal Company

As you traverse the complexes on the various moons, you’ll be scavenging; you’ll encounter locked doors. While this can be useful if you don’t have a key in sight, there are a few downsides. First, it weighs quite a bit at 16 pounds, making it heavy to lug around. The second is that it takes 30 seconds to open any door you encounter.

You can purchase the lockpicker for 20 credits in the Ship’s Terminal Store.

To use the lockpicker in Lethal Company, approach a locked door. Interact with the locked door by pressing the left mouse button with the lockpicker equipped. The lockpicker is a permanent item, but it will take 30 seconds to unlock the door. So, go off and gather resources while you wait.

How to Use the Jetpack in Lethal Company

If you don’t feel like climbing, then jetpacks are the answer. Jetpacks allow you to access higher levels and cross gaps without a ladder.

This costly item can be purchased from the Ship’s Terminal at the Store for 700 credits. However, it weighs 52 pounds, and it can quickly kill you.

To use the jetpack in lethal company, equip the jetpack. Once you have the jetpack equipped, press the left mouse button to start the thrust. Hold the jump button to begin your vertical ascent. Stop holding the jump button to hover. Once you’re in the air, you can use the WASD keys to navigate 3D space.

If you hold the thrust for longer than five seconds, the jetpack will blow up and kill you. This will also destroy the jetpack.

How to Use the Extension Ladder in Lethal Company

If you don’t like the risk of the jetpack, the extension ladder is the way to go. It’s a reliable way to get to get to a higher level when stairs simply aren’t available. Or you can use it to bridge a gap.

The extension ladder can be purchased for 60 credits in the Ship’s Terminal Store.

To use the extension ladder, equip it and press the left mouse button.

How to Use TZP-Inhalant in Lethal Company

This isn’t the Olympics, so performance-enhancing drugs seem to be okay with Lethal Company. TZP-Inhalant is an item that can increase your speed and the amount of weight you can carry.

You can purchase the TZP-Inhalant for 120 credits in the Ship Terminal’s shop.

To use the TZP-inhalant in Lethal Company, equip it and press the left mouse button. Then, start running to see its effects. The more you use, your screen will turn red and orange. After 11 seconds of use, you may get visual and audio distortions.

How to Use the Boombox in Lethal Company

The boombox is exactly what’s on the label. It’s a boombox, and it plays music. But it does have the unique effect of attracting monsters drawn by sound, like Eyeless Dogs and soothing Hygroderes. If you jump on a Hygroderes while it’s soothed, it will still hurt you. If you don’t want to use it to attract enemies, you can drop it at an exit to make the door easier to find.

You can get the Boombox from the Ship’s Terminal shop for 60 credits.

To use the Boombox in Lethal Company, equip the boombox. Then press ‘G’ to drop the boombox where you want to leave it.

How to use the Radar Booster in Lethal Company

I was split between having this as a ship upgrade and a piece of equipment. The radar booster is used to boost the radar on the ship. To that end, someone must stay on the ship for it to be effective.

You can get the Radar Booster in Lethal Company from the Ship’s Terminal shop for 50 credits.

To use the Radar Booster in Lethal Company, someone must carry it into the complex. Then, with the Radar Booster equipped, the carrying player must press ‘G’ to drop it. Place the Radar Booster near the main exit.

Once the Radar Booster is in place, the player on the ship will be able to use it to locate scrap, navigate the complex, and convey that information to their team.

All Weapons in Lethal Company

Sometimes, you’ll need to stand and fight. And there are a few ways to increase your chance of survival.

How to Use the Shovel in Lethal Company

The shovel is one of the most essential tools in Lethal Company. It’s used primarily to bludgeon monsters to death. However, not all monsters will succumb to its brute metal edge.

To get the shovel, purchase it from the Store on your ship, which can be found by accessing the terminal. It will cost you 30 credits.

To use the shovel, hold the left mouse button and release it while facing the enemy you’d like to smack. Here are the enemies you can kill.

  • Hoarding bug: 2 – 4 hits
  • Snare flea: 1 – 3 hits
  • Manticoils: 1 hit
  • Thumpers: 4 – 6 hits
  • Brackens / Flower Men: 2 – 3
  • Bunker spider: 4 – 6 hits

How to Use the Stop Sign in Lethal Company

Stop signs function similarly to shovels. They’re essentially melee tools and do as much damage as shovels.

You can only find stop signs while searching for scrap.

To use the stop sign in Lethal Company, press the left mouse button while facing the enemy you want to bonk.

How to Use the Stun Grenade in Lethal Company

Okay, I can’t be the only person who blew themselves up trying to figure this out. Stun grenades are throwable weapons. They’re particularly helpful against enemies who are chasing you and can make them easier to bludgeon to death.

You can get Stun Grenades from the Ship’s Terminal shop for 40 credits.

To use the stun grenade in Lethal Company, equip it. Then, press the left mouse button to pull its pin. You have five seconds to press the left mouse button to throw it. Ensure that your cursor is pointing toward the enemy you want to hit.

The stun grenade will then go off after around three seconds, stunning the enemy for five seconds.

If you don’t throw the grenade, it will blow up.

The Stun Grenade works against almost all monsters, including the Forest Keepers, Red Ghost Girl, and the Brackens / Flower Men. So, don’t waste it on a Bunker Spider.

How to Use the Zap Gun in Lethal Company

The Zap Gun is like the Stun Grenade on steroids. It can temporarily stun enemies for a varying length of time. With more common enemies being stunned for longer and more lethal enemies being stunned for a shorter period.

You can get the Zap Gun in Lethal Company from the Ship’s Terminal shop for 400 credits.

To use the Zap Gun in Lethal Company, equip it. Once the Zap Gun is equipped, press and hold the left mouse button on the creature you want to stun. Move the mouse left and right to control the Zap Gun’s long, yellow beam. The longer you can maintain the beam, the longer the creature will remain stunned.

All Ship Upgrade Items in Lethal Company

There are quite a few upgrades to your ship. These upgrades can be very useful in ferrying back your dead coworkers or warning them about an impending threat.

How to Use Loud Horn in Lethal Company

The loud horn is the ship’s horn, which can be heard outdoors and indoors by all players. This doesn’t seem useful, but it’s a great way to inform players about an Earth Leviathan, Forest Keeper, or any other impending threat.

You can get the Loud Horn from the Ship’s Terminal shop for 150 credits.

Pull the rope inside the ship with the ‘E’ button to use the Loud Horn in Lethal Company. You’ll need to hold it. Note that doing this may draw enemies.

How to Use the Teleporter in Lethal Company

The teleporter is an item of last resort. Someone inside the ship can use it to teleport a player inside of the abandoned facility into the ship. However, by teleporting a player, they lose all their items. Thus, it’s only a good idea if you need to avoid dying.

You can get the Teleporter in Lethal Company from the Ship’s Terminal shop for 400 credits.

To use the teleporter, someone will need to be inside the ship. Approach the ship’s radar terminal. Beside the radar terminal will be a button inside of a glass case. Switch to the person (dead or alive) on the radar to bring them back.

How to use the Inverse Teleporter in Lethal Company

The inverse teleporter sure is… interesting. Essentially, it teleports you from inside the ship to someplace random inside the facility. But in doing so, it causes you to drop all your items at the teleporter on the ship, meaning you’ll go in empty-handed. Not really worth it, in my opinion.

You can get the Inverse Teleporter from the Ship’s Terminal shop for 425 credits.

To use the inverse teleporter, you’ll need to be on the ship. Approach the radar terminal, open the glass case, and press the yellow button. Enter the teleporter on the ship. You’ll then be sent to someplace within the facility.

Most Useful Items in Lethal Company: Must-Buy Items

When it comes to surviving the moons you’ll traverse, items are essential. But what must you buy if you want to survive?

  1. (Pro) Flashlight.

When you’re first starting the game, there’s no item more essential than the flashlight. Complexes have so many threats, and loot is always our endgame. Flashlights will reveal enemies lying in wait at a distance, like Thumpers and Bunker Spiders, helping you avoid an untimely death.

If you have to only pick one item, flashlights are the way to go until you’ve scavenged enough loot to buy a weapon.

  1. Shovel.

While running is always a good option, sometimes it’s wiser and more efficient to kill whatever enemy is chasing you or blocking parts of the complex off. To that end, a shovel is paramount. One to two teammates should have a shovel and be prepared to tackle the threats you encounter in the complex, while the flashlight holder makes it easier to find, lure, or spotlight your quarry.

  1. Teleporter.

Even in great runs, deaths can happen. And when that happens, getting your teammates corpse back to the ship is a very, very good idea. That’s because if you leave the moon without a crewmate, you’ll be punished by your corporate overlords with a penalty fee.

Teleporters can get players back into the ship if they’re stuck somewhere awkward on the map or if they’re more dead than living.

  1. Zap Gun.

While many early moon threats can be handled with a railing and a shovel, as you get to harder moons, the more likely you are to encounter harder threats. Threats like Bracken, Eyeless Dogs, and Thumpers.

When that happens, the Zap Gun is an easy way to keep an enemy in place while the rest of the team bonk the monster to death. It’s easily the best weapon in the game, though it does require you to have a living crew to make it work.

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