How to Steal Beehives in Lethal Company

There are more than a few bees defending it.

Lethal Company beehive
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You wouldn’t expect an average beehive to be worth any money in Lethal Company, but once you get your first one, you’ll want to watch for more. Here are some tips for stealing a hive without getting killed by angry bees.

How to Get Beehives and Avoid Bees in Lethal Company

The main two ways to get the beehive is to either have a team member sacrifice themselves to distract the bees while you grab it or perform this distraction yourself. Both are risky tactics that can easily result in at least one, if not multiple, people dying, but it is worth it if you pull it off successfully.

The Distraction Tactic

Distracting the bees involves at least two players, as you’ll need one to lure them away and the other to take the hive and run. More often than not, whoever baits the bees away will die, leaving the second person a small window to steal the hive and leave.

However, if you’re unlucky, the bees may circle back and get you too.

Generally speaking, nearby bees will aggressively attack and kill you when approaching a beehive. The lure or bait team member’s job is to activate this aggro and run away as quickly as possible, while a second player walks in and grabs the hive before running away.

If you take it too soon, the bees may direct their attention to you; if you’re too late, they’ll kill your crew member and target you next. Your timing is important, but if you’re lucky, you’ll make it out alive with just a few stings and scratches.

The Solo Distraction Tactic

Distracting the bees solo is a tactic I’m personally more familiar with, as I’ve found it easier to pull this off without any casualties. In short, this tactic involves quickly running in to distract the bees, quickly turning back, then snapping toward the hive and stealing it before fleeing to your ship. Your goal is to avoid the bees chasing you, grab the hive, and then sprint out so they lose aggro and leave you alone.

Admittedly, some luck is involved, as the bees may turn back and attack you again. However, when I attempted this alongside my teammates, I got my hands on a beehive by running in, stealing the hive, and darting back to my ship.

How Much Are Beehives Worth in Lethal Company?

Although beehive prices vary, you can generally expect to earn between 80 and 130 scrap on one beehive. Even in later weeks, where your profit quota is thousands in three days, this is considerable when combined with the rest of your valuables.

However, be careful when collecting the beehive. You risk getting swarmed and killed by bees. After all, in a game like Lethal Company, you never know when a random Forest Keeper will come up behind you and eat you when you least expect it.

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