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Lethal Company inverse teleporter
Screenshot by Prima Games

How the Inverse Teleporter Works in Lethal Company

It can easily catch you off-guard.

Teleporting is a great way to travel great distances and escape danger, but an inverse teleporter can have the opposite effect if you’re unfamiliar with its mechanics. Here’s how the inverse teleporter works in Lethal Company and some strategies to use it.

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How to Get the Inverse Teleporter in Lethal Company

You can buy the inverse teleporter in the in-game terminal store under the Ship Upgrades category for 425 scrap. To enter the shop, type store into the terminal to view its listings, then enter inverse teleporter and confirm.

Once you purchase the inverse teleporter, you can place it wherever you want and move it around when needed. However, it will only teleport you while you’re on a moon.

What Does the Inverse Teleporter Do in Lethal Company?

After buying the inverse teleporter, you can place it anywhere in your ship and activate it using the big button on your console. Upon doing this, you and your crew members can stand inside and, after a brief delay, will appear in a random location inside your moon’s facility.

The catch is that you will drop all your hotbar items. Any flashlights or walkie-talkies you try to bring will fall to the floor under the teleporter, leaving you inside a monster-infested facility with no light and limited communication with your team.

Strategies for Using the Inverse Teleporter in Lethal Company

The inverse teleporter is one of the most peculiar items in Lethal Company due to its drawback of dropping your items. However, one method to make this effective is to have one player stay on the ship and navigate the teleported player through an area. In other words, the player in the ship can use the terminal to keep an eye on any nearby monsters, potential loot, and the exit. Then the player on the ship could attempt to meet up with the teleported player, or coordinate with an additional player to guide them in finding the teleported player.

If you have a four-player team, you can even have an extra person walk to the facility doors with flashlights or walkie-talkies so you’ll have some tools to help you.

Alternatively, you can use the inverse teleporter as a challenge. Although using it is risky, teleporting to a random location with no items is an interesting way to spice up a playthrough. Needless to say, the lack of flashlights, walkie-talkies, and other items make using the teleporter extremely dangerous. Bringing necessary tools to the facility is generally safer, especially when factoring in a day’s time limit.

How to Use the Teleporter in Lethal Company

You can buy the teleporter for 375 scrap on your ship terminal under Ship Upgrades. Once you buy it, you can place it in any location on your ship. You’ll need to press the red button by the ship console to warp someone standing on the teleporter. Keep in mind that anyone teleported will drop all of their inventory to the floor in the process.

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Should You Buy the Teleport or Inverse Teleporter?

First and foremost, a teleporter doesn’t have the same drawbacks as the inverse teleporter. So, ideally, you’ll want to almost always use a regular teleporter over the inverse teleporter. Save the inverse teleporter for when you and your team want a challenge. If there is a loot-heavy map, the inverse teleporter will also come in handy, as you can get deep into the map very quickly.

If you are a beginner at Lethal Company, we advise you to stay far away from the inverse teleporter, as teleport.

Lethal Company is a strange, silly, difficult game that we can’t get enough of. We’ve got plenty of guides on it, like our article on challenge moons that you should check out.

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