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The glowing white eyes of a flower man / Bracken enshrouded in darkness in Lethal Company

How to Kill and Avoid the Flower Man in Lethal Company

Is that you, SCP-173?

There’s nothing more terrifying than a Bracken, aka Flower Man. Here’s how to avoid, or even kill, the Flower Man in Lethal Company.

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What is the Flower Man in Lethal Company?

The Flower Man, aka Bracken, is a quiet killer that excels in silently culling your team until it’s just you left. If you see a Flower Man in a more lighted area, you’ll see that it’s humanoid, red, and with a series of leaves running down the length of its spine. Flower Man prefers to stalk players silently and, if not stopped, will snap your neck while you’re not looking.

Flower Man is immediately identifiable by its white-eyed stare. It prefers the darkness, where it’ll watch you from a distance.

There’s nothing more terrifying than walking through a complex with your buddies only to hear the crack of a neck-breaking. But if you know a Flower Man is in the area, it’s easy enough to avoid or even kill him.

How to Avoid Bracken / Flower Man in Lethal Company

To prevent a Flower Man from breaking your neck, you must glance at it briefly. Do not stare, and do not approach a Flower Man. If you do, you will turn the Flower Man hostile.

But if you use the glance and run away method effectively, the Flower Man will back away from you for a period. Flower Man has favorite rooms, usually places as far as possible from the exit, where it will keep players that it has killed, making body retrieval difficult.


The easiest way to deal with Bracken body retrieval is frequent communication. Tell your teammates to notify the others if they see a Bracken or are currently being taken by one. You should always communicate the area you are in as well so that your team knows where the Bracken room is. This expedites body retrieval tremendously and reduces the chances of the Bracken claiming even more victims.

You just need one player on Bracken Duty to ensure the rest of the team stays alive. However, that means you’ll need to move as a group. A person who moves alone can’t watch their own back.

How to Kill the Bracken / Flower Man in Lethal Company

You can kill the Flower Man by using a stun grenade, zap gun, and/or shovel.

Each of these items are available for purchase in the store via the console terminal. While accessing the console terminal, type “store” for a full list of available items and their prices. You can then buy an item by typing its name and the amount you want, then “C” or “CONFIRM” to place the order.

The Stun Grenade (store price: 40) and Zap Gun (store price: 400) both perform the same function: they stun an enemy. To use the stun grenade, you’ll need to press the left mouse button to pull the grenade’s pin and then click again to throw the grenade. The grenade will explode after two to three seconds, stunning the Flower Man (when used on it) for five seconds.

Likewise, the Zap Gun can be used to hold the Flower Man in place for much longer than five seconds, so long as you’re able to keep the beam on it. While the Flower Man is stunned, you or a teammate must beat the Flower Man to death with a shovel (store price: 30). It will take approximately five shovel hits to kill the Flower Man.

Thus, it’s a good idea to have one person use a Zap Gun, and two people beat the Flower Man to death. You’ll know you’ve killed the Flower Man when it disintegrates into dust.

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