How to Get and Use the Zap Gun in Lethal Company

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When it comes to stunning enemies, there’s no weapon quite as effective as the zap gun. Here’s how to get the zap gun in Lethal Company.

How to Get and Use the Zap Gun in Lethal Company

You can buy the Zap Gun at the Terminal on the ship by accessing the Terminal, type “shop,” then “zap gun.” You use the Zap Gun by pressing and holding the left mouse button while it’s equipped. This will shoot a yellow beam that will stun targets.

As you traverse the hostile moons in search of resources that will make the shareholders of Lethal Company happy, you’ll find no shortage of things that want to kill you. And the more dangerous a planet, the more likely your standard shovel or stop sign won’t cut it.

Fortunately, the zap gun is easy to access and a great deterrent against many enemies that would otherwise prove lethal.

The zap gun can be purchased from the Ship’s Terminal shop at any point. However, it costs 400 credits. While that seems quite expensive, the zap gun is well worth it, as it stuns any creature to which you can attach its golden beam. You won’t be able to stun your fellow crewmates though, so don’t bother trying.

Here’s how the zap gun works.

To use the Zap Gun in Lethal Company, equip it. Once the Zap Gun is equipped, press and hold the left mouse button on the creature you want to stun. Move the mouse left and right to control the Zap Gun’s long, yellow beam. The longer you can maintain the beam, the longer the creature will remain stunned. If the beam disconnects, it will start a five second cooldown indicated by plumes of smoke.

While the enemy is stunned, having another teammate beat the hostile enemy to death is a good idea. Remember, some enemies are quite tanky, like the Thumper or Flower Man. So, be prepared to run if necessary.

The zap gun can’t be used to harm your allies, but it is exceptionally glitchy. You can get stuck using it, and you’ll be forced to hold it until it runs out of battery. If that happens, having your teammates beat you to death may even be faster and teleport you back to the ship.

How to Charge the Zap Gun

The Zap Gun runs on battery, so you’ll need to charge it between uses. You can charge the Zap Gun at the Recharge Station back on your ship—it’s the wall panel that kind of looks like a giant oven. Approach it with the Zap Gun equipped and hold “E” to refill the gun. Note that you can charge the Zap Gun (and other battery-operated items) at any point, even if it’s charge is not yet empty.

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