How to Get Rid of Bunker Spiders in Lethal Company

Those eight legs haunt my dreams

Bunker Spiders are one of the most terrifying monsters you’ll encounter early in your game. Here’s how to get rid of Bunker Spiders in Lethal Company.

How to Get Rid of Bunker Spiders in Lethal Company

To get rid of the Bunker Spider, you’ll need a shovel or a Stop Sign. Second, you’ll need to locate a railing near the Bunker Spider you can confidently jump on. You’ll need to return to this railing once you’ve triggered the spider, as it’s from this high ground that you’ll beat the Bunker Spider to death.

Once you’ve laid your groundwork, approach the Bunker Spider’s lair. Hit a web with a shovel until the web vanishes. Immediately run away. The scurrying noise lets you know that the Bunker Spider is on your trail. If it doesn’t follow you, you may need to approach it again and immediately start running towards the railing once you hear the scurrying.

Spiders, known as Bunker Spiders in the Lethal Company community, are a common enemy type you’ll find in enclosed spaces. And, unfortunately, the only way to get rid of a Bunker Spider in Lethal Company is to kill it.

And we’re in luck! Killing Bunker Spiders is easy, even if you’re solo.

First, you’ll need to know the telltale sign of a Bunker Spider. They typically leave webs near their nest, usually on a wall. Don’t step on a web. Doing so will trigger the Bunker Spider, immediately causing it to run to your position. Webs will also slow you down, making it much easier for a Bunker Spider to catch you.

Jump up onto the railing. From here, the Bunker Spider won’t be able to reach you. Instead, it will stay below you, and you can hit it three to four times with your shovel. Eventually, it will curl up and die. And that’s how you get rid of Bunker Spiders in Lethal Company!

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