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How Banish Works in Vampire Survivors – Explained

Do you have a moment to talk about Banishment?

by Nikola L

Vampire Survivors is a very catchy indie rogue-lite game that is constantly evolving with regular content updates, new mechanics, characters, items, and more. Banish is one of those mechanics in Vampire Survivors, related to the items that you pick up and level throughout the game, along with Reroll and Skip. Prima Games will explain how Banish works in Vampire Survivors and how you can best use it to your advantage.

What Does Banish Do in Vampire Survivors? – Answered

Banish is unlocked by completing parts of the Collection. The first rank is unlocked when you collect 50 items, and each new rank unlocks with 10 more collection items unlocked, up to five Banishes when you reach 90 items. Unlock 10 more and you get the Mindbender. After you unlock Banish, you can buy it from the Power Up menu with Gold. The price progressively rises the more stuff you buy in general, so take your time to grind out the necessary gold. You can also raise the amount of banishes by getting Golden Eggs which randomly can increase your character’s Banish by a small margin (0.2 per egg, so five eggs are needed to get one more Banish). Arcana XX – Silent Old Sanctuary provides three banishes, and characters like Divano (+6 Banish) and Queen Sigma (+108) Banish have their inherent Banish bonus.

How Does Banish Work in Vampire Survivors?

Banish is used instead of picking an item to level up (when your character levels up) to essentially stop an item from the list from reappearing ever again during that run as an option to be picked or leveled. If you had a certain level of the item at the time of banishment, it will stay at the same level you’ve had until the end of the game. So for example, you can level up Torrona’s Box to level 8 and then banish the level 9 upgrade which just increases your Curse level by 100% (unless you want to evolve Victory Sword into Sole Solution). You can also Banish items that you do not want to see during your run in order to increase the chances of seeing an item that you truly want to use.

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