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Can you Romance Your Guardian in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)? – Answered

Can you rizz up your Guardian in BG3?

At the start of your Baldur’s Gate 3 adventure, you’ll have the option to create and customize your own character. You can also create your guardian, but can you romance your guardian in BG3?

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Is the Guardian Romanceable in Baldur’s Gate 3?

During Early Access, you had complete access to your Guardian, and they were a romanceable character. However, you needed to make a dramatic and drastic choice to unlock this particular romance chapter: you needed to keep the Mindflayer Parasite burrowed in your brain. While this may completely go against the goal that you and your band of misfits are striving toward, at least you could still romance your guardian.

In the full release, the option is still available, but there are some changes made along the way. You’ll need to play nice with them and do what they ask if you’re hoping to finally play the romance card with your secondarily created character. Choose to interact with them in trusting and open ways. Eventually, you’ll come across their old hideout in Act 3. Show an interest in their prior life by examining all their little trinkets and artifacts, then pick up the Emperor’s Sword. After you pick up this sword, you’ll get the opportunity for your sweet reward after a long rest back at your camp.

It’s worth noting that while your guardian is technically romanceable, you won’t be entering a long-term relationship with them. They’re more of a “hit it and quit it” kind of fling. But should you indeed hit it then quit it? For that answer, you should check out our full in-depth guide—just be warned: there will be spoilers as to who, exactly, your guardian is.

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All Romanceable Characters in BG3

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a massive adventure, full to the brim with plenty of beautiful characters that you can try and seduce throughout a matter of different ways. While you may be lusting after your Guardian, it may be worth your time to focus on other characters that you have encountered across your journey, as their intentions may be a little more trustworthy.

And while there are plenty of romanceable characters in BG3, only your core party members (except legacy characters Jaheira and Minsc) will be relationship material. Anyone outside of your party is only looking for a little bit of fun.

So without further ado, here are all the characters in BG3 you can romance:

Best Way to Romance Partners in BG3

The best way to build romance with a character in BG3 is to frequently pick dialogue and quest options that will increase approval of that character. Sometimes this might involve doing very evil things, as is the case with fan favorite, Minthara. Furthering a companion’s personal quest is also a great way of raising approval. Keep an eye out for opportunities and actions that will allow you to gain favor with them.

If you’ve finished romancing your guardian and sowing your seed across the lands of Faerun, be sure to learn how to get your hands on an overpowered starting weapon that you can easily miss, alongside plenty of other tips and tricks in our Baldur’s Gate 3 section below. Find out the best class to start with for your playstyle, and see what else awaits you in this epic journey across the lands.

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