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How to Romance Shadowheart in Baldur’s Gate 3

Our lady of mystery just really needs a hug

Romancing Shadowheart is much easier than you might think. You just have to respect boundaries, be curious when it seems appropriate, and check your judgment at the door… All while being a halfway decent person. But if you’re floundering, no worries. Here’s how to romance Shadowheart in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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How to Romance Shadowheart in Baldur’s Gate 3

I romanced Shadowheart very quickly in my first play-through by being very respectful of our favorite cleric’s boundaries, choosing morally good options, and talking to her often. And if you want to get into her good graces (and maybe her bedroll) as quickly as possible, here’s how to do it.

  • Rescue Shadowheart on the Mindflayer Ship

This likely isn’t a surprise but rescuing her from the ship will immediately score you some affection points. Here’s how to do it.

Interact with Shadowheart’s pod. You’ll get the following options, and the best ones are bolded:  

  1. Look for a latch that might open the lid.
  2. There’s no time – I need to get out of here.
  3. I’ll go look around – there must be some way to get this thing open.
  4. [WARLOCK][ARCANA] There’s magic at work here. Determine what kind.
  5. Leave.

The Warlock/Arcana roll is only level 7, and it likely will be for whatever class ability you had in this slot. But even if you pass it, you’ll still wind up at the same conclusion. You’ll need to inspect the console beside Shadowheart’s pod. If you’re a Warlock who passed the last skill check, you can just jumpstart the console, freeing Shadowheart. Otherwise, you’ll need the Eldritch Rune. This rune can be found on a Dead Thrall in the same room beside the Caliginous Chest.

Once you free Shadowheart, she’ll join your party, however briefly. However, you won’t get affection at this point. You’ll have to wait until you meet her again.

  • Encounter on Ravaged Beach

After rescuing Shadowheart from her pod, you’ll encounter her on Ravaged Beach at coordinates X: 274, Y:220.

Select ‘wake her’. She really hates when you push her about the artifact too soon, and in general, it’s wise to shy away from it until she opens up.

The next option that matters is:

  1. ‘We’? You want to stay together?
  2. Do you have any idea where we are?
  3. What happened to our gith friend?
  4. Indeed, I’d better get moving then. Farewell.


  1. All right, let’s get moving.
  2. No. This is where we part ways.

Shadowheart will then give you approval based on your decision to save her in the ship.

  • Speak to Shadowheart

As you progress through the game, completing optional side areas and checks, more dialogue options with Shadowheart will appear. These are essential to opening up her romance. Speak to Shadowheart after adding her to your party in the Ravaged Beach.

  1. What’s the story with the odd little artefact you have?
  2. What do you think of all that’s happened to us so far?
  3. We should get to know each other a little more.
  4. We should journey separately for now. I’ll see you whenever we camp.
  5. Leave.


  1. You don’t want to talk about yourself?
  2. We have to rely on each other. Easier if we knew each other as well.
  3. Just looking to make conversation.
  4. If you’re not comfortable, I won’t press you.

By selecting answer 4 and respecting Shadowheart’s boundaries, you’ll get another affection bump.

  • Entrance of Druid Grove

After defeating the goblins at the front of the Emerald Grove gate, you’ll be able to enter the village. You’ll find Zevlor arguing with Aradin. You can opt to use persuade or another dialogue skill check to defuse the fight. Doing so successfully will give you another boost with Shadowheart.

  • Makeshift Prison Encounter in Druid Grove

In Druid’s Grove, you’ll find the Makeshift Prison in the North of Druid’s Grove, at coordinates X:184, Y: 598. Step in front of the goblin to stop the Tiefling from killing her, then persuade the tiefling to spare the goblin.

  • Lump the Enlightened Encounter

In the Blighted Village at coordinates X: 17, Y:388, you’ll find a house where three Ogres are dining on meat. You’ll need to pass two skill checks. The first will require you to persuade, deceive, or otherwise convince the ogres that you’re friend, not food. This is an easy check at 10.

The second check, which you’ll need to pass to get Shadowheart’s approval, will require you to convince Lump the Enlightened ogre and his friends to join your side.

You can do this with deceit, money, or persuasion. But the cost is steep–either 1,000 gold or a 20 skill check. Fortunately, you’ll have the chance to add whatever modifiers you can to this roll to hit it.

Once you’ve convinced Lump to join your side, he’ll give you Lump’s War Horn. This Horn will summon Lump and his compatriots to the battle… and Shadowheart will be impressed by your ingenuity.

  • Recruit the Owlbear

Successfully recruiting the Owlbear cub will grant you affection from Shadowheart. To do this, you’ll need to stop Vovo’s performance, which is achievable by talking to him and choosing any option. Next, you’ll need to speak to the goblin beside the owlbear and refuse to take part.

She’ll tell you to kick rocks. Do so and speak to the owlbear cub. If you use Speak to Animals or a Potion of Animal Speech, you’ll be able to immediately speak to the goblin again and persuade her to give you the owlbear cub.

If you succeed a persuasion check, the owlbear will be yours. And Shadowheart will very much approve.

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Sealing the Deal

I suspect you only need three or four ‘Shadowheart approves’ messages to get your first romantic encounter with her. When you’ve hit this number, start speaking to her while you’re at camp. Eventually, she’ll proposition you.

She’ll tell you she’ll call for you one night while you’re camping. When she does call for you, opt for romantic choices and kiss her near the end of the date.

Afterwards, you’ll periodically get requests from Shadowheart to spend the night together. Doing so is always a good idea, as it will progress her romance and storyline further. You can tell if she wants to talk to you because she’ll get an exclamation point above her head.

Shadowheart is an exceptionally useful character, with plenty of layers. But did you know she’s the easiest way to help a woman walk again?

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