How to Help Pandirna in Druid Grove in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

Don't take potions from strangers

If you’ve found a rat squeaking around the Druid Grove, you’ve likely stumbled across Pandirna. Who happens to be half paralyzed and blocking our way to treasure. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to get her to move.

How to Help Pandirna in Baldur’s Gate 3

Pandirna is in a locked shack near the Makeshift Prison in Druid Grove. You can find her precise location with the coordinates X: 212, Y: 580. It’s possible you stumbled across her because of a rat who, either through insight or animal speech, told you about a treasure she happens to be leaning on.

Not that she knows about the treasure, of course. She’s too busy suffering the consequences of Aunt Ethel’s potions. Fortunately, there’s a way to help Pandirna. You’ll just need to have Shadowheart in your party.

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Make Shadowheart your main character, then use the spell Lesser Restoration. If you don’t have this spell immediately in Shadowheart’s hotbar, click the Cleric tab at the bottom of the screen. This will show you all of Shadowheart’s Cleric spells.

Lesser Restoration will be the spill icon that looks somewhat like a potion, doodled in blue. Lesser Restoration is one of the few spells that will work on Pandirna because it specifically states in its description that it cures paralysis.

Other spells or items that specify paralysis should also be able to cure Pandirna, but Shadowheart’s Lesser Restoration is the most accessible one at all levels for all players.

Once Pandirna is up and about, she’ll give you full permission to be in the area… but she won’t let you loot anything. So, to get the rat’s treasure, you’ll need to steal it.

To open it, you’ll need to stand behind Pandirna, use ‘c’ to crouch, and then wait until she’s looking away. You’ll know you’re safe because there won’t be a red tile on you or the chest. When you’re not exposed, loot the chest to get an Onxy, some gold, and the Cabinet Key.

The Cabinet Key will let you open the adjacent Alchemist Chest, which has 3 Simple Toxin, 1 Drow Poison, 1 Basic Poison, and 1 Bottle.

That’s… a lot of poison.

If you’re in Emerald Grove / Druid’s Grove / The Hollow (why does this place have so many names?), you’ll likely stumble across a little tiefling girl who’s gotten into a world of trouble. But should you help her… or leave her to the snake?

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