How to Complete Owlbear Cave and Open the Gilded Selune Chest in Baldur’s Gate 3

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There are no shortage of secrets places to explore in Baldur’s Gate 3. But one place you really shouldn’t skip out on is the Owlbear Cave, tucked away in a hidden alcove. There’s plenty of loot inside, and it’s your pathway to getting the Owlbear Companion. Here’s how to complete the Owlbear Cave and open the Gilded Selune chest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Complete Owlbear Cave and Open the Gilded Selune Chest in Baldur’s Gate 3

One of the very first optional places you’ll encounter in Act 1 is the Owlbear Cave. And if you’re not sure where to find it, just head to the coordinates X: 70, Y:401. Otherwise, head to the Blighted Village. But before entering, go beneath the bridge that led you to its entrance and head up the river north. 

The Owlbear cave entrance will be against the rock wall. 

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Once inside, you can approach the Owlbear, triggering a cutscene. You’ll then have a few decisions in front of you. You can opt to fight the Owlbear normally or you can try and charm it into letting you pass. My options were Animal Handling, Survival, and Performance. Since my build is based around Charisma, I went with Performance.

But even if you charm it, as I did, you might find yourself in deadly combat if you stray too close to the Owlbear’s Nest. Doing so will cause the Owlbear and its cub to attack you.

If you’re attempting to recruit the Owlbear cub as a companion later on, you’ll want to leave the cub alone. Focus on killing its mother. Once the mother is dead, choose to spare the Owlbear cub. Doing so will cause the Owlbear cub to eat its mother and then wander off. But don’t worry, you’ll see it again soon. 

If you charmed the Owlbear and you’re wondering if there are any other steps you’ll need to take, there aren’t. Your path to recruiting the Owlbear cub is still open, and you don’t have its mother’s blood on your hands. Congrats!

How to Open the Gilded Chest in the Owlbear’s Cave

The Owlbear cave contains more than Owlbears! This cave is also the altar of someone who worshipped the goddess Selune. To her, they’ve laid out an altar of incense and treasure. And if you want inside that Gilded Chest, you’re going to have to jump through a few hoops.

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I don’t recommend trying to open it normally or with force. Interacting with it normally will cause it to blast you, forcing you to use a saving throw. And trying to force it open will require you to do at least 22 damage to it. Fortunately, this is an easy puzzle to solve. 

Jump across the chasm to the Selune statue. You’ll then trigger a Perception check, which you’ll need to pass. So, make sure you’re jumping with your most perceptive character. Perception is based on Wisdom, and Shadowheart receives +3 Perception bonus, making her a good choice. If the perception check doesn’t immediately kick in, wander further behind the statue.

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Interact with the paper that appears and you’ll find it’s a Selunite Prayer Sheet. Pick it up and read it, and the chest will unlock. Though it’s possible you might have to read it from your inventory while in front of the chest for this to happen.

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If you have Shadowheart in your party, she’ll be inspired by this (the game really didn’t take into consideration what religion we were interacting with), and then try and convince you to leave the chest alone. I was given the option to use Insight, Intimidate, or Persuasion to get her to see reason.

And once you open the chest, you’ll get the Selunite Rite, a Bloodstone, a Silver Necklace, an Idol of Selune, and a Moondrop Pendant. Everything but the Moondrop Pendant is just a random good meant to be sold, but the Moon Pendant is a magic accessory that will allow your injured character to sneak away without triggering an attack of opportunity. Which can be very useful!

If you love recruiting sad random animals, then do I have the companion for you! Nearby there’s a sad dog who’s in need of a new home.

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