Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Enter the House of Hope (BG3)

Don't be short a marble.

House of Hope Baldur's Gate 3
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Whether you want to steal the Orphic Hammer or you signed a deal with the devil that you quickly regretted, you will certainly want to gain access to the House of Hope behind Raphael’s back. The good news is that entering is super easy if you know where to look, and I’m here to help you build a devilish portal to get back some hope.

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Where to Find the House of Hope in BG3

To reach the House of Hope, you need to enter the Devil’s Fee shop to the north of the Lower City Central Wall portal. They are super close to each other, so you can spawn at the portal and then follow the short path heading north of the Apothecary. Head inside the Devil’s Fee and you will see Helsik, the main vendor, and an important key for entering the house.

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The House of Hope itself can only be reached by using a portal and the ritual to open the portal is on the second floor of the Devil’s Fee. However, you’re going to need five different ingredients and potentially help from Helsik herself.

How to Enter the House of Hope in Baldur’s Gate 3

In order to open the portal to enter the House of Hope, you need to investigate the second floor of the Devil’s Fee. Five ingredients are needed for a ritual that opens up a portal, and there are two ways to obtain them. You can loot the Infernal Marble in the main chest on the second floor and then return to Helsik. You can then convince Helsik to help you reach the House of Hope and she will provide instructions for the ritual, as well as all five ingredients.

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As I searched around the second floor though, I realized that all the ingredients existed in random containers. If you have proficiency with lockpicking, you can find everything you need without even speaking to Helsik or going to the House of Grief. But you will still need to place everything in the right order to spark the portal.

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How to Open the Portal to the House of Hope in BG3

There are five ingredients to open the House of Hope portal: a diamond, a skull, an Infernal Marble, a Coin of Mammon, and incense. With all five items, you need to head to the ritual star on the second floor of the Devil’s Fee and place them all in the correct order. This star is made of blood and is hard to miss in the room.

Items Needed to Open the House of Hope Portal:

  • A diamond
  • A Skull
  • One Coin of Mammon
  • One Infernal Marble
  • An incense

I also recommend having the instructions for the ritual on hand for this part of the portal, but if you skipped Helsik entirely then you can find the order of these items below.

Ritual order for the House of Hope. (Screenshot by Prima Games).

I found it easiest to have the altar on the top of your screen rather than the bottom. So the door next to the opposite side should be at the bottom of your screen. With that angle, the order of items is much easier.

Helsik House of Hope Ritual Order:

  • Place the skull at the top of the star just below the arrow.
  • To the right of the skull, or in clockwise order, place the Coin of Mammon.
  • Skip one spot and continue clockwise.
  • Place the diamond in the next spot.
  • Place the incense in the spot after that.
  • Finish the ritual by placing the Infernal Marble in the center.

You will know the process is working when any of the ingredients are lit up. Once all five are placed, the portal will open and you can choose to enter at any time. But be careful, because the House of Hope is one of the toughest areas and it won’t be easy to get back out.

While you are in the devil’s palace, make sure to help out Mol, unless you haven’t found Mol after the Last Light Inn within Baldur’s Gate 3.

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