Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Find Mol After Last Light Inn (BG3)

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In Act 2, Mol the tiefling child from Act 1 was kidnapped during a raid on the Last Light Inn, and it’s possible she’s the last of the survivors you’ll have a chance to find. Here’s how to find Mol in BG3 after the events in the Last Light Inn.

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Baldur’s Gate 3: Where is Mol in Baldur’s Gate 3? – Answered

In Act 2, Mol the tiefling child from Act 1 was kidnapped during a raid on the Last Light Inn, and it’s possible she’s the last of the survivors you’ll have a chance to find. Here’s how to find Mol in BG3 after the events in the Last Light Inn.

Is Mol in Moonlight Towers?

Contrary to what the Quest Journal says, Mol cannot be located in the Moonrise Towers or the Mindflayer Colony beneath them during Act 2. In fact, she won’t reappear in Act 2 at all.

Nevertheless, you can advance the Find Mol BG3 quest by finding her eyepatch in the Necrotic Library. It is situated on a table right next to Balthazar’s Notes at coordinates X: 702, Y: -109. This discovery suggests that although Mol was once present, she has either successfully escaped or been transported elsewhere.

Where to Find Mol

You can actually find Mol in the Guildhall of Lower City. We’ll be honest; we had no idea when we would see Mol again. After finding Zevron, Lia, Rolan, and every other tiefling and gnome under the sun, Mol remained the only missing victim. And finding her can be pretty convoluted.

Find Mol in the Guildhall in Lower City

So, Mol is in the Guildhall in Lower City, which happens to be a den of thieves. Perfect for our aspiring crime boss. But getting inside isn’t easy. Here’s how to get into the Guildhall and find Mol in Baldur’s Gate 3.

  • First, go to the Sharess’ Caress in Rivington.
  • Speak to the Dwarves on the first floor.
  • In Lower City, speak to the half-ogre Tusgront.
  • Enter the Guildhall and find Mol to the right of the entrance.

Getting to Sharess Caress

To get to the Sharess Caress, you must complete Act 2 and arrive in Rivington. Rivington is a small city full of refugees and, more importantly, a checkpoint that will keep you from getting into Sharess Caress. Go to the South Span Checkpoint and either pay the fee or click through all the options until the Ironhand Gnomes blind them, allowing you to run through the gate.

Or perhaps you can just use Invisibility, walk up to the Waypoint not far after the checkpoint, and just teleport your whole party through. Whatever works.

Speak to the Dwarves in Sharess Caress

Almost immediately upon entering Sharess Caress, you’ll see two dwarves muttering about the “Guild.” Speak to them and use Deception or Persuasion to get more information about the guild. Your next goal is to get into Lower City.

Dwarves in Sharess Caress
Screenshot by Prima Games

There are many ways to do that, including solving the Open Hand Temple Murders. This leads to an even more extensive quest in Lower City and is well worth doing.

How to Get to the Lower City in BG3

There are numerous ways to easily get into the Lower City in BG3. Here’s a list of all of them.

  • Go through Wymrock Fortress.
  • Cross Rivington to get into the Lower City.
  • Get an Official Entry Pass from Valeria at Sharess’ Caress. You’ll need to solve the Open Hand Temple Murders first.
  • Stealth past the guards of the Lower City.
  • You can get arrested by a Lower City guard and thrown in jail. This is by far the easiest choice, but you’ll need to lockpick your way out.

Finding the Lower City Guild Hall

Once you’ve reached the Lower City, beeline your way to the building a few blocks south of Elfsong Tavern.

Guild hall map in BG3
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You’ll find a half-ogre standing in an alleyway. This is Tusgront, and he’ll likely initiate the conversation with you.

Tusgront in BG3
Screenshot by Prima Games

When speaking to Tusgront, you’ll have to pass a pretty high Deception check to convince him you’re a member of the guild. But if you don’t feel up to that, you can also have Jaheira in your party, as her side quest requires you to enter the Guildhall. She’ll convince Tusgront for you.

When you speak to Mol, it turns out she’s already well-entrenched in Guildhall business, and she’s doing just fine. There’s no reward for finding her other than the satisfaction of knowing she’s still, somehow, alive.

What Happened to Mol and Why is Her Eye Better? – Answered

It’s well-known that a significant amount of content was cut from Baldur’s Gate 3, particularly in Act 3. And it’s likely that Mol’s questline was a casualty of this. If you go to (Minor Spoilers!!!) Rafael’s House of Hope, you can find Mol’s Contract in Rafael’s vault. We can infer that Mol was able to save herself after the events in the Last Light Inn by making a deal with Rafael. This would also explain why her other eye is suddenly better.

Of course, we’ll never know for certain. But it does make sense!

Mol isn’t the only little girl missing in the city. But unlike Mol, this little girl really, really needs your help.

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