Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Find Vanra (BG3)

I thought I kicked this old biddy into a pit

It’s every mother’s worst nightmare. You go down to a tavern to have a few drinks with your mate, and your seven-year-old daughter just vanishes. And no one seems capable of helping. Fortunately, that’s what we’re here for. Here’s how to find Vanra in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Save Vanra in Baldur’s Gate 3

This is one of those “choices matter” quests. But it’s influenced by choices you made all the way in Act 1. So, it’s possible that some things that appeared in my playthrough won’t appear in yours. Now, here’s how to save Vanra, with a more in-depth guide below.

To save Vanra in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll need to:

  1. Head to the Blushing Mermaid Tavern
  2. Confront Captain Grizly
  3. Defeat the Patrons
  4. Go to Old Garlow’s Place
  5. Head into the Basement
  6. Defeat the Hag
  7. Collect your Rewards

If you don’t have the quest yet, pick it up at the Basilisk Gate Barracks, immediately above the Basilisk City Waypoint. It’s inside the building to the right of the training yard.

Now, to the meat.

The Blushing Mermaid Tavern is unmistakable because it has the bow of a ship jutting out of it. Head inside to investigate.

Investigate the Blushing Mermaid Tavern

Investigation is used lightly here. For this step, you can speak to Bosun behind the bar, or you can speak directly to Captain Grizly.

Speaking to Bosun offers very little information, other than the fact Captain Grizly kicked Lora out of the bar last time she was here.

Speak to Captain Grizly

Find Captain Grizly, who can be on the first or second floor. She’s made distinct by her captain’s hat and red ensemble. Ask about Vanra and select “What are you suggesting?” or “A child is missing – I just want to get to the bottom of this” in her second dialogue menu.

Captain Grizly will offer you 3000 gold to kill Lora. Tell her, “Absolutely not – I refuse to do your dirty work.”

She’ll then reveal her true form – Auntie Ethel. Yes, the wretched hag from Act 1.

Defeat Auntie Ethel’s Crew / The Patrons

 Auntie Ethel will vanish, as she’s wont to do. And she’ll leave you to deal with her lackeys, six Redcaps. I preferred them when they were sheep. Once they’re dead, we don’t have to go far to find Ethel. She’s in the basement.

Now Auntie Ethel is in the basement. But we’re missing the key component that will force the kid out of her gullet. So, let’s leave it alone for now and get the items we need.

Go to Old Garlow’s Place

The first step to getting old Ethel to vomit up the child is to find some allies. And, fortunately, there’s some down the street. Head to Old Garlow’s place, which is at the very bottom and center of the map. From the Lower City Central Wall waypoint, you just need to head downward until you hit the ocean.

Old Garlow’s Place is the building that looks like it’s falling apart. You can get inside by breaking down the door. Or you can go along its right side, where you’ll find a hole in the wall blocked by bookcases. You can destroy these bookcases or shove them out of the way.

Inside, you’ll find a few of Ethel’s victims. To convince them you mean no harm, you’ll need to hit a 15 or better persuasion or intimidation roll.

If Mayrina lived in your playthrough, she’ll be the leader of this group. But she’s been hexed, and she needs help upstairs.

Upstairs, you’ll find her (and possibly her husband, if you revived him). She’s now a sheep. Use Speak to Animals on her and she’ll tell you about the doll, which is what’s keeping her cursed. It’s in the house’s corner, near Mayrina. Do not try to walk over to it. The floorboards beside it are rotten. Attack the doll from a distance.

If you don’t kill the doll in one hit, it will appear someplace else on the same floor.

Once the doll is destroyed, Jalto will confront you. He’ll reveal that he’s a redcap and that the doll was his doing. Then he’ll attack you. And while he’s simple enough to bring down, he’ll summon a bunch of Armored Crabs to fight you, too.

When you’re done with the fight, speak to Mayrina. She’ll give you access to the safe, which has the recipe we need to end the hag once and for all.

But she’ll also give you the Staff of Interruption, a rare staff that offers Weapon Enchantment +2 and Counterspell.

The safe you’ll now have access to is on the first floor, behind the stairs.

Screenshots by Prima Games.

It contains two vital things: the Tear-Stained Journal, which will grant you the recipe Hag’s Bane, and the key ingredient, Ashes of Dried Fey Flower. The final book, A Hunter’s Guide to Hags, has significant information about how to stop a Hag from healing, which we’ll need for the final fight.

Crafting Hag’s Bane

Now, to make Hag’s Bane you’ll want to open your Alchemy menu. If you’re on PC, press H. Otherwise, double click on any alchemy ingredient to be brought to the alchemy menu or select the alchemy menu in your inventory.

Screenshots by Prima Games.

From the side menu, select Grenades. Then, select Hag’s Bane. From here, press Craft Item and Hag’s Bane will be added to your inventory.

Now, let’s get back to the Blushing Mermaid.

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Find the Secret Passage in the Blushing Mermaid Basement

To get to the cellar, head towards the bar on the first floor. There’s a set of oak doors that will lead inside.

Screenshots by Prima Games.

Once you’re in the cellar, jump up on the wine casks. There, you’ll find a recess in the stone wall. Pass a perception check and you’ll find that the wall is transparent. Ethel really has a set way of doing things.

Screenshots by Prima Games.

Inside this hidden lair, you’ll find there are four enemies. Three people wearing Whispering Masks who are deep under Auntie’s spell, and the real Captain. If you’re attempting to not be evil, you can save the captain, but the masks remain bugged and unsaveable, even if you knock them out and remove their masks.

If you want to save the captain, don’t attack the group and head straight to the locked doors. But note, Ethel will summon all four to fight you. Make whatever choice you feel is best for your run.

To pick Auntie Ethel’s locked door, you’ll need to pass a skill roll of 20 or higher.

Now, let’s get into strategy.

How to Defeat Auntie Ethel – Round 2

Your priorities for defeating Auntie Ethel are:

  1. Destroying the Pearlspore Bell mushrooms
  2. Lobbing the Hag’s Bane at Auntie Ethel
  3. Defeating Auntie Ethel

There are three Pearlspore Bell mushrooms in the boss room. The first is in the far back left, in an alcove. The second is in the far back right corner. And the last one is to your far right, on a stone platform. You will need to destroy each of these mushrooms before their turn. If you don’t, they’ll fully heal themselves.

Screenshots by Prima Games. Click to expand.

Likewise, the Pearlspore mushrooms will also heal Auntie Ethel, making her nigh impossible to take down until all the mushrooms are destroyed. But the fewer mushrooms there are, the less she’ll be healed.

Once you’ve successfully destroyed all three mushrooms, throw the Hag’s Bane at her. You can do this by selecting the Hag’s Bane from your inventory, opening its menu, and selecting throw. Aim it at Ethel and don’t worry about the percentage. Just throw it at her. Ethel will then vomit up the child, who will rush to safety.

With both the mushrooms gone and the child safe, you can then pour all your resources into killing the hag.

After, if you kept the Captain alive, she’ll be very grateful, but you’ll get no tangible rewards. But the three masks remain cursed but not hostile. Remember to pickpocket (or loot) all three, as one will have the Mottled Key.

Loot Ethel’s body to get 100 gold, Potion of Angelic Slumber, and Ring of Feywild Sparks. Along with a variety of alchemic ingredients. If you’re using your Illithid powers, there’s also a Mindflayer Parasite in the larger room, next to the cauldron. To get up to it, you’ll need to climb the rock platforms near the entrance of Ethel’s boss room.

Speak to Lora and the Hag Survivors / Get the Rewards

Now, let’s go collect our rewards.

Screenshots by Prima Games. Click to expand.
  • 1 – Lora’s House
  • 2 – Mayrina and Co.

Lora is in her house, which is just south of the Lower City Central Wall Wayopoint. It’s the building immediately to the north of Beehive General Goods.

Speak to her and she’ll give you some very nice rewards.

Amulet of Windrider (very rare), which gives you Ride the Winds and Gut of Winds, and Duelist’s Prerogative, a legendary sword that gives Challenge to Duel and Dueler’s Enthusiasm (legendary).

The next stop is the Old Garlow Place, immediately south of Lora’s house. How convenient! Speak to Mayrina to let her know it’s finally done.

You can also convince Mayrina to let her husband go now, if he’s still with her. After, she’ll give you the Fey Semblance Amulet (very rare). This amulet gives you Semblance of Fey.

And that’s it! It’s been a long road, but it’s great to put an end to Ethel’s terrible chapter and see everyone through to the other side. Traumatized, scarred, forever changed. But finally free.

There’s plenty more trouble in the Lower City. If you’re not through with bringing justice, why not stop a serial killer before he claims another innocent life?

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