Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Find Mystical Carrion’s Thrumbo (BG3)

The perfect hiding spot...

There’s a strange house by the seaside called Philgrave’s Mansion. And if you happen to pass a very high arcana check near its stone door, you can encounter Mystical Carrion, a necromancer who has very little patience. But if you do him a favor, you can have one of the mystical artifacts in his collection. You just need to find his escaped servant, Thrumbo.

Where is Thrumbo in Baldur’s Gate 3 – Answered

While many of the undead thralls in Mystical Carrion’s company are practically braindead (get it?), one is cut from a better cloth. And that is Thrumbo, who’s made his grand escape.

And if you find him and report his whereabouts to Mystical Carrion, you’ll get a reward – a magical item. But where is our undead friend?

The answer is not very far at all. If you head up to the very top floor of the Philgrave Mansion (the thralls will try to stop you, so sneaking or invisibility is recommended), you’ll find a Beggar’s Portrait on the ground. Pass a perception check and you’ll find there’s a ward on it, which hides a note. This note reveals Thrumbo’s location: the beach, where he intends to buy a boat and row them all to freedom.

Head to the beach just east of the Philgrave Mansion and you’ll be attacked by five Sahuagin. These fish monsters are near a pier, and the house immediately beside this pier is where Thrumbo is hiding. Just wander in and inspect the wardrobe to reveal his hiding place.


Thrumbo will immediately begin to beg his case. Mystical Carrion, apparently, is not just a necromancer. He’s a murderer and a sadist. And that leaves you with a choice. Bring Thrumbo back to meet his maker or kill the Mummy Lord once and for all. If you bring him back, you get the very rare mace Torch of Revocation, which does 1d4 Necrotic damage.

Either way, you’ve found Thrumbo!

If you’re down to deal with more sadistic, supernatural monsters, why not find a missing child before it’s too late? In doing so, you’ll get a ton of rare items (and one legendary sword).  

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