Gale in BG3

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Find and Recruit Gale in BG3

Is there such thing as too much magic?

Having a powerful wizard in your Baldur’s Gate 3 party is a helpful way to add a long-ranged DPS character to your roster, and Gale is one of your best options. Continue reading to discover how to find and recruit Gale in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Where to Find Gale in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

You can find Gale on Ravaged Beach by interacting with the Ancient Sigil Circle at coordinates (X: 222, Y: 325).

Baldur's Gate 3 Gale Roadside Cliffs Waypoint Map Location
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After some brief introductions and discussions about the current situation, Gale will ask if you want to lend each other a hand to look for a healer. You can either decline his offer or welcome him into your party, officially recruiting him.

Who is Gale in BG3?

You’ll first encounter Gale at the Roadside Cliffs Waypoint teleporter. He’s a powerful human wizard who initially starts with basic fire, lightning, and thunder damage spells, among others. Over time, you can find upgrades of these spells or go for different elements. If you wish to broaden Gale’s spell arsenal, giving him a subclass will allow him to explore other ability types.

What Happens if You Don’t Recruit Gale

Gale is one of the more interesting characters due to his affliction that will quite literally end the world if you don’t feed him magical items. For that reason, you might be wondering what happens to him if you don’t pull him out of his little stone portal and recruit him at the beginning of the game.

Well, you can rest assured Gale will not explode if you don’t recruit him. In fact, you probably won’t see him at all for the entirety of the game. He’ll just slip back into his rock portal and vanish. If you do pull Gale out but opt not to travel with him, he’ll stand where he is for the duration of Act 1, awaiting to talk to you again. And similarly, should you not interact with his portal at all, it’ll remain there for the duration of Act 1, his hand waggling out all the while, desperately reaching out for your involvement.

Presumably, your chances to interact with Gale if you don’t recruit him will disappear after Act 1. We can’t confirm for certain that he won’t show up later, but while most party members have their own questlines, they’re not necessarily integral to completing the story, and they’re certainly all expendable. Thus party members will likely go their own separate ways never to be heard from again if you don’t recruit them.

Yes, Gale is a bit unique with his involvement in the potential endgame and his tendency to become a nuke. But you do have other options when it comes to dealing with the game’s larger issue at hand. So you can safely leave him behind if you decide you don’t want him in your party—just know that you probably won’t get another chance to recruit him if you change your mind.

BG3 Gale Romance Guide

Like many other characters in the game, Gale is a potential romance option if you wish to pursue him. To raise his approval, focus on dialogue options that are morally right and heroic. You’ll quickly gain his favor if you act with others’ interests and safety in mind. Throughout the story, you’ll unlock dialogue options that allow you to gain further approval with him, depending on your chosen answers.

In Act 1, if you’ve been keeping kindness and heroism in mind, you’ll get a chance to spend a magical evening with Gale at camp during the Tiefling refugee party after rescuing Halsin. Let him know you like the sound of “magical,” and he’ll show you a good, wholesome time. Put the moves on him during this night to let him know you’re interested in moving things further.

You’ll then need to progress Gale’s companion quest. This means feeding him up to three magical items when he asks for them. At the start of Act 2, you’ll meet Elminster. Invite him to your camp and have a chat with him to stabilize Gale’s orb and continue his quest. Eventually (likely around the end of Act 2), you’ll find a mirror image projection of Gale at your camp. Follow it to find Gale in a meadow and your chance at a meaningful relationship.

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