Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Sleep With Mizora – Answered (BG3)

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If you chose not to Annihilate Mizora (and by extension, Wyll) in the flesh chamber beneath Moonrise Towers, you’ll stumble across her in the Lower City. And very quickly she’ll establish herself as a presence at your camp. But when she offers you infernal delights, should you accept? Should you sleep with Mizora in Baldur’s Gate 3?

What Happens if You Sleep with Mizora in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Speak once too often to Mizora, and she’ll start to get the idea that you’re into her. Like, really into her. And she’ll straight up proposition you, telling you that you need merely smile to spend a night with her.

I took the bullet, so you don’t have to. Here’s what happens if you sleep with Mizora.

You’ll get a unique cutscene with Mizora, where she tempts you with the variety of bittersweet agonies the nine hells can provide before taking you into her wings. But if you choose to very willingly enter her embrace, you’ll get a series of ‘Wyll disapproves.’

I don’t know how Wyll knows what you’re up to.

After your midnight tryst, you’re brought back to the real world smelling of sulfur and who knows what else. Wyll, again, will heavily disapprove. But it’s not enough to make him leave the party. Likewise, if you’ve established even the barest romance with him, he’ll break it off and say it’s better to just be allies.

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Next, depending on what characters you romanced, you’ll have a confrontation with them. White-Haired Shadowheart (yes, Karlach rejected me, leave me alone) will be very okay with you stepping out to explore other horizons.

Though, I suspect that black-haired Shadowheart is less forgiving. For whatever reason, she has very different positions depending on what goddess she’s aligned to.

But beyond being judged by your companions, nothing happens. So, do what you like.

Here’s the really important question, though. Can you break the pact with Mizora and still save Wyll’s father? And if so, how?

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