BG3 screenshot of Mizora holding up Wyll's pact

Baldur’s Gate 3: Can You Save Wyll’s Father After Breaking Mizora’s Pact?

Don't worry, Wyll. We'll fix that father complex.

Mizora is a persistent fiend, and she has a keen interest in our favorite lawful good warlock, Wyll. We’ll tell you if you can save Wyll’s father after breaking Mizora’s pact.

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How to Start the Blade of Frontiers Quest

This is Wyll’s main companion quest that you’ll be doing throughout the entire game. You’ll first get this quest upon meeting Wyll in the Druid Grove early on in the game. Your first task will be to hunt down the demon Karlach. As you complete these quests, you’ll learn more about Wyll’s backstory and eventually help him with breaking Mizora’s pact and saving his father.

How to Save Wyll’s Father After Breaking Pact in Baldur’s Gate 3

So, here’s the quick of it. Yes, even after breaking the pact with Mizora, you can save Wyll’s father. At least, temporarily.

Mizora’s contracts are ironclad. She stipulates in the contract during Wyll’s Blade of Frontiers quest in Act 3 that Wyll’s father will eventually fall to an enemy’s hand. But it’s possible to save him before Gortash does him in. And it’s well worth it, too, as you’ll gain a powerful ally for the final battle.


The following contents contain minor spoilers regarding Duke Ravengard. Read ahead at your own risk.

Wyll’s father, Grand Duke Ravengard, has been captured by Gortash and is being held in the Iron Throne. The Iron Throne isn’t all that far. It’s just in the Flymm Cargo basement, which can be found south of The Blushing Mermaid Tavern.

bg3 lower city map with a red square around flymm's cargo
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But once you’re in the basement, you’ll find yourself in a sunken city that Gortash will immediately try to flood. You’ll have eight turns to free Duke Ravengard (and anyone else you feel like saving). But Mizora will naturally interfere, hindering your progress.

Still, it’s very possible to get Duke Ravengard out of the Iron Throne and back onto dry land. There, the Emperor will extend some of his influence, thus cutting the Absolute out of Ravengard’s mind. Wyll and his father can finally have that heart-to-heart, and you’ll gain a powerful ally (and sparkly new side quest) all in one fell swoop.

But if you use Detect Thoughts on Mizora, you’ll quickly learn she very much intends to kill Ravengard at some point. At least the father and son had a chance to reunite before that, though.

What Happens if You Don’t Save Wyll’s Father?

Saving Wyll’s father after choosing to break Wyll’s pact isn’t an intended outcome—hence Mizora’s persistent interference and her resolve to see him dead regardless of your efforts. So what happens if you let him die?

If you let Wyll’s father die, Wyll will have an opportunity to carry on as a free man after getting over some grief. But Mizora will still stick around in your camp. She’s very interested in seeing justice done since her humiliating capture at Moonrise Towers, so she’s more than willing to offer up her services as an ally for the battle to come.


While Mizora is in your camp, you’ll have the opportunity to approach her with the other companions for some interesting dialogue. But beyond that, Mizora is most useful in the final confrontation against the Absolute, where she can be summoned to rain down powerful infernal sorcery and possibly Disintegrate your foes.

But perhaps most importantly, Wyll’s father’s death means missing out on a quest that holds some pretty fascinating lore and a surprising reveal. It’s likely possible to complete the steps of this quest without Duke Ravengard bringing it to your attention, but you’ll be missing the necessary context for it. For that reason, we highly recommend you save Wyll’s father, Duke Ravengard, in Baldur’s Gate 3.

But whether or not you decide to save Wyll’s father in BG3, you might be wondering if sleeping with Mizora has any repercussions. It does!

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