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Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Find and Open the Legend of Ansur Door

It's not dungeons and dragons without at least one dragon

Your reward for saving good ol’ Duke Ravengard is a legend that might lead you to a bronze dragon. Here’s how to find the legend of Ansur Entrance and how to solve the puzzle to get in.

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What is the Legend of Ansur in Baldur’s Gate 3?

The Legend of Ansur is a story about a bronze dragon that Duke Ravengard is certain can turn the tides against the Absolute. He gives you the actual book, which contains his annotations on what he believes the verses mean. The Legend of Ansur text reads:

Baldur’s Gate – great Balduran’s berth.
O Balduran, founder due veneration,
His guardian dragon Ansur, tremendous in worth.
A saviour below, our eternal elation.

To Wyrmway ‘neath prison’s deepest level.
To be found by not a soul nor devil.

[NOTE: Entrance in Wyrm’s Rock Prison? – U.R.]

With a lightning shock, a true hero’s spark flickers,
The torches alight!
And wyrm’s eyes shall awake aglitter.

[NOTE: Something about sparks and torches. Use lightning skills? – U.R.]

It’s trials, no common adventurer may exceed,
When each day sends forth new ones to their fates:
But one great hero, by the founder’s will decreed,
Shall, only once, grand our age the Heart of the Gate!

[Note: Only a great hero can pass the trials and awaken Ansur – U.R.]

Ravengard’s notes are all we need to figure out the puzzle and take on the trials of the great bronze wyrm.

Where to find the Legend of Ansur in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Legend of Ansur is a tome held by Duke Ravengard. The only way to get it is to progress through Wyll’s companion questline, The Blades of the Frontier, until Act 3.

When Mizora approaches you in camp to continue Wyll’s pact, you can break it or keep it. It doesn’t matter. You can save Wyll’s father either way. Head down to the Iron Throne and save the old man before the underwater prison sinks.

If you do this successfully, Duke Ravengard will tell you about the Legend of Ansur and hand you a book. Manually read it in your inventory to get the location. However, you don’t need to save Duke Ravengard to get inside. You can head into the prison at any point and face the trials ahead.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Where is the Legend of Ansur Entrance and How do you Get In? – Answered

If you’ve read the book, you’ll know that the entrance to find the Legend of Ansur is in the Wyrm’s Rock Prison—a place aptly named, considering the secret beneath.

But where in the prison is this entrance? And if you find it, how do you get in?

To find the entrance, head down into the prison usually. You can persuade the guard to let you inside Wyrmrock Prison, pickpocket her, or kill her to get the key off her body. Once you’re inside, turn immediately left, where you’ll find yourself at a dead end.

Map of Wyrmrock Prison
Screenshot by Prima Games

Or is it? On the wall will be two torches that are unlike any other in the prison. These are Dragonhead torches. And to open up the entrance, you’ll need to electrify them. Witch Bolt is a good option for this.

Use electricity on dragon head lantern
Screenshot by Prima Games

Keep electrifying the Dragon Head torch until it’s blue. Once it’s blue, electrify the next Dragonhead torch.

If you don’t have a character with a lightning-based skill, you can always grab a warlock from Withers in camp. They only cost 200 gold, and I suspect you have a dragon hoard of it.

When both torches have a blue glow to them, the illusion of the wall will drop, and you can pass right through, entering the secret dungeon. But note once you make your way inside, you’ll need to pass a perception check to leave through this door again. Fail, and you’re better off choosing a waypoint from your map. And that’s how you find the Legend of Ansur in Baldur’s Gate 3. Now, you just have to conquer its trials.

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