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As you wander through the many Halls of Torment, you see a lot of different items drop during your runs, and given that you can only Retrieve one item per run, choices can sometimes be hard. If you are new to Halls of Torment, you are probably having issues with which items to prioritize. I will be happy to present to you the list of best items in Halls of Torment that will certainly help you progress through the game content more efficiently.

What are the Best Items to Retrieve in Halls of Torment?

In Halls of Torment, your character can wear seven items in total:

For each of these categories, I will provide detailed insight into which items are the best. If you wish to jump to a specific category, make sure to click the links above.

Also, make sure to check out All achievements in Halls of Torment listed to keep track of your quest progress while you do not have everything revealed by yourself.

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When it comes to Head items, there’s not much debate:

  1. Wind Crown
    1% attack speed for 5s for each killed enemy (up to +50% attack speed).
    It’s the BiS (Best in Slot) item for all characters, no questions asked. Honestly, stop looking and move to the next section.
    You can unlock Wind Crown by not being hit for the first 3 minutes (Archer Quest).
  2. Thunder Crown
    Hitting electrified enemies with magic attacks triggers lightning. The lightning deals 100 damage and has a chance to electrify the target.
    Has some usage with Sorceress and her achievement for 20 stacks of Electrify on a single target. It’s maybe good to pick it up as a swap for Wind Crown for the final fight since you can’t really rack up stacks there due to it being a 1v1 fight.
  3. Ruby Circlet
    Deals 4% additional damage for each burning enemy. Limited to 60%.
    Great on Exterminator if you really don’t have the Wind Crown.
  4. Hood
    +12% health capacity, +2 defense
    An OK tanking item when you, you guessed it right, don’t have the Wind Crown. Okay, I promise I’ll stop shilling for this item. It’s going to make the developers nerf it, you heard it here first.
  5. War Horns
    Every 5s you perform a war cry which weakens enemies in its range for 5s adding 3 stacks of fragile to them.
  6. Helmet
    +3 defense, +3 block strength
    Good for Shield Maiden, when you have the intent to rack up her shield bash damage achievement, where Wind Crown won’t help you.
  7. Fighter’s Headband
    On killing a boss or elite Activate health regeneration for 60 seconds regenerating 1% health per second.
    This item has very limited usage, so if you stumble upon it and need the regen, press pause and equip it just before you kill a boss or elite, and keep it on your head for a minute to get the regen bonus, if you are in a pickle when it comes to your health.

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Best Neck Items in Halls of Torment

Neck Items bring a lot of variety, but in essence, it will boil down to a few choices that will follow you throughout your entire gameplay.

  1. Jade Amulett
    +50% XP Gain
    Also known as the typo amulet. I used this item until I got the Level 100 quests done with every character. Getting new traits, and new ability upgrades is very useful early on.
    When you Level Up 500 times you will unlock Jade Amulett.
  2. Gatherer’s Charm
    Helps you locate ingredients for new potions. +10% Movement Speed.
    This item is a must-have until you discover and deliver all plants on all levels. Gatherer’s Charm works like a compass which you will be able to see in the top-left of your screen. The movement speed bonus is cool for a few more movement-based achievements. After you’re done with the aforementioned deeds, you’re not going to need it anymore. It holds the #2 spot due to how instrumental it is for your character’s progress since the potions are so good that you cannot perform certain achievements without them.
  3. Collar of Confidence
    +5% damage for each enemy in your pickup range. The maximum is 50%.
    This necklace will serve you well. Paired with decent enough pickup range boosts, you are bound to see a 50% boost to your damage most of the time.
  4. Duelist’s Spark
    50% damage. -5% damage for each enemy in your pickup range.
    This is a difficult item to employ successfully when you do not have many other cool items, blessings, and whatnot, but later on, when you build a character so powerful that nobody can approach and you reduce your pickup range as much as possible, you’ll have a constant stream of +50% damage.
  5. Scars of Toil
    +0.07% damage for each missing health point.
    Brilliant item for tanks. In order to have a +50% damage boost, similar to the items above, you need to be missing 715 Health Points. This means that your build will be tailored to increase max health as much as possible. I’ve put this necklace below the previous two for that reason.
  6. Blood Catcher
    Each time you’ve dealt 100x your maximum health in damage, you regenerate 1 health point.
    Kind of a lifesteal item, but it takes time to get it rolling. My builds right now actually do not depend on the health regen that much, because the enemies don’t often get the chance to hit me, but I assume that this item can be valuable to some newer players.
  7. Maiden’s Tear
    When you would take damage, regenerate 10% health instead. Recharges 90 seconds.
    This is just… weak.

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Best Ring Items in Halls of Torment

Rings in Halls of Torment are kinda difficult to sort by their power because there are so many good ones. However, they have different applications for different characters, so if you agree with me, I would list them alphabetically and point out which characters make the best use of them. You have two ring slots, so you can combine them.

  • Copper Ring
    Increases the base critical damage by 40%
    Good for every crit-based character.
  • Demonic Bond
    Every 5 seconds, you summon an imp to fight by your side. They will be gone after a set time which can be extended. Can handle 5 summons at a time.
    Good for Warlock due to synergy with the main weapon.
  • Echoing Band
    Damaging an enemy with Physical attacks has a 20% chance to deal 40% of the damage as splash damage.
    Any AoE Physical-damage-based character might have good uses for this ring. It’s not the best, but it can do you good. Try it on Swordsman, Cleric, or Shield Maiden.
  • Guiding Star
    While attacking: +40% attack speed, -30% movement speed. While moving: -30% attack speed, +40% movement speed
    Probably the best ring in the game. Excellent for “turret” builds where you have no intention of moving (but when you do want to move, you’ll get a superb boost!).
  • Iron Ring
    +10 base attack damage
    Junk. It’s just junk.
  • Necromancers Clutch
    Every 15 seconds, you summon a skeleton to fight for you. They will perish after a set time, but their life force can be extended. Can handle 5 summons at a time.
    Good for Warlock due to synergy with the main weapon.
  • Pest Ring
    Summons a rat every 2 seconds. Rats bite up to 10 random enemies applying 5 debuffs at random with each bite.
    Good for Warlock due to synergy with the main weapon.
  • Ring of Fire
    Transforms the damage type of you main weapon into fire. It has now a +15% chance to Burn enemies on hit.
    Good for Exterminator, or when you want to do the Fire achievements.
  • Ring of Thunder
    Transforms the damage type of your main weapon into electric. It has now a +15% chance to Electrify enemies on hit.
    Brilliant on Sorcereress, and you wouldn’t believe it, on Exterminator, due to how fast he can apply Electrify stacks with his mighty flamethrower.
  • Seal of Rebirth
    When you die, the seal breaks and revives you with 50% of your max health.
    I used this as a crutch for a long time. Get out of jail free card, basically.
  • Wooden Ring
    +10% base crit chance
    For crit-based characters. You will need this the most with the Shield Maiden’s critical strike achievement/quest.

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Best Chest Items in Halls of Torment

With Chest Items in Halls of Torment, a similar doctrine can be applied as with the Rings. However, two specific Chest pieces pop up as items that I almost always use.

  1. Hunter’s Garb
    If you stand still your damage increases by 8% per second (up to 40%). The bonus is reset as soon as you move.
  2. Blood-Soaked Shirt
    Killing an enemy has a 3% chance to give you 1 health point.

Let’s face it, if you don’t want to use a tank item in the Chest slot, you are bound to use one of these two. Hunter’s Garb provides a significant damage boost, and Blood-Soaked Shirt provides quite a stable lifesteal. If my numbers aren’t wrong, for every 10,000 kills in the game, you should get back 300 HP. It’s not bad! Now, to move on to the rest of the items for the Chest slot:

Block Strength Chest Items

  1. Blazing Shell
    Enemies that touch you have a high chance to start burning (50%). +6 Block Strength
  2. Shadow Cloak
    Spawns shadows near you that damage enemies and increase your block strength by 10.
  3. Plate Armor
    +6 block strength

I gave an advantage to Blazing Shell because you do not need to move to gain bonuses. Plate Armor is just Blazing Shell minus the cool burn effect. Remember Blazing Shell when you try to get the Shield Bash damage achievement with Shield Maiden.

Defense Chest Items

  1. Defiant Plate
    Grants 3 Defense for 5 seconds after taking damage. Can’t go over 30 Defense.
  2. Chain Mail
    +10% health capacity
    + 3 defense

I personally find the 30 Defense more valuable in “clutch” “do or die” situations.

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Best Feet Items in Halls of Torment

With boots, there definitely is reason to discuss each and every item from the angle of which character they work on best. That’s why, once again, I’ll sort them alphabetically. And for the record, I will confirm that I favored the Runner Shoes because +15% Movement Speed was truly something I appreciated. Maneuverability is always a nice way to get out of hairy situations. I will admit that I used a lot of other boots for specific achievements and setups, though, but generally, Runner Shoes take the cake.

  • Bogged Boots
    Leave a trail of goo, Enemies that touch the goo slow down. Puddles disappear after 10 seconds or when several enemies moved over them.
    Good when you are kiting a final boss, especially the Stage 1 final boss, which is quite aggressive and fast. But is it really worth it to keep these for the first 30 minutes? Maybe if you loot them during the run and just swap them for the final boss fight?
  • Electrostatic Threads
    Charges up when you move. When fully charged emits an electric shock wave that damages and stuns enemies.
    Used on Sorceress for obvious synergy reasons.
  • Elven Slippers
    Your chance to block increases with the distance you moved (up to +10%). The bonus is decreased over time while you’re standing still.
    Shield Maiden’s slippers for sure. With Block increase, her Shield Bash hits harder.
  • Firewalker Boots
    While you move you produce a trail of fire that damages your enemies. Fire patches have a low chance to burn enemies.
    Kind of good for Fire damage achievement, but that’s it.
  • Pace Setter Boots
    For every 10 seconds without moving, you heal 1% of your max. health.
    Good only for “turret” builds.
  • Plated Boots
    +3 Defense, +3 Block Strength
    Starter item, nothing special.
  • Runner Shoes
    +15% movement speed
    My favorite!
  • Spike Boots
    When hit, drop 10 spikes to the ground that deal 100 damage and stun the enemy on contact. Takes 4 seconds to recharge. Can’t be blocked.
    Interesting item but I do not see any usage other than for kiting of final bosses.

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Best Hands Items in Halls of Torment

Once again, I can’t truly find a “BiS” item to point out, when it comes to Gloves in Halls of Torment. But I truly reckon that you’ll appreciate the detailed opinion more.

  • Fencer Gauntlets
    Each time you block you have a 50% chance for an additional attack that always crits. +5 Block Strength.
    This one is for Shield Maiden, and some “tank” builds for Swordsman.
  • Hunting Gloves
    +30% Additional Strike / Projectile
    The name suggests it: Archer. However, works decently on Cleric and Swordsman, too!
  • Invocator’s Grasp
    +40% Summon Spawns, +40% Summon Duration, +20% Summon Damage.
    Hands down, this is the best set of gloves for Warlock. Pair these with the rings that also conduct summons and you have a jackpot.
  • Longfinger Gloves
    +80% Pickup Range.
    This is a starter item you will be stuck with for some time until you build up the Blessing to increase your pickup range.
  • Quickhand Gloves
    +20% Attack Speed.
    This is one of the “catch-all” items you get early on, that is not particularly mega-super-duper powerful but provides just enough for the start.
  • Spellcaster Gloves
    When you do not use your main attack for 2 seconds, your abilities become stronger over time, up to 66.6%.
    This item is built for Quests that require you to do Ability damage. And also for the achievement that forbids you from using your main attack.
  • Thornfists
    Deals a critical hit to each enemy that hurts you.
    Cleric. Cleric. Cleric. Highest base damage in the game = the highest crits. This item gives you a touch of death basically. It works on Swordsman and Archer too (but with a lesser impact), so why not.
  • Sparking Tips
    When you hit a burning enemy with physical attacks, that enemy will spark fire damage projectiles dealing damage based on the burn strength with a chance to set the targets on fire.
    Never found it to be great, but given the text of the item, you will need to use it on Swordsman, Archer, or Cleric, with fire-based abilities.

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