• How to Get the Pumpkin Planet in Solar Smash

    In Solar Smash, there are a ton of secret planets to unlock by completing various achievements and hidden challenges. As you smash different planets you might discover some of these by accident, or you’re having trouble, and that’s where we come in to help. Here is how to get the Pumpkin Planet in Solar Smash. […]

  • How to Get Donut Earth in Solar Smash

    Solar Smash is a planet destruction simulator that allows players to completely decimate various planets with loads of wacky tools and monsters. You’ll be able to destroy the entire solar system if you’d like. There are also plenty of secret planets to unlock. Here is how to get Donut Earth in Solar Smash. How to […]

  • How to Play Solar Smash Online With Now.gg

    Solar Smash, a planet-destroying simulator, is an excellent way to get rid of stress quickly. Are you nervous? Destroy the planet Earth with nuclear bombs, lasers, and space monsters. We believe that this is the primary cause of the game’s enormous popularity. Sure, Solar Smash is best played on a mobile phone or tablet, but […]

  • How to Get Infinite Healing Missiles in Solar Smash

    How to Get Infinite Healing Missiles in Solar Smash

    In the Solar Smash planet-destroying simulator, players annihilate space objects in many creative ways – but there is a way to undo the damage with the precious Healing Missiles! These planet-restoring missiles are a great way to reverse some of the destruction you have unintentionally done, especially if you are trying to meet the special […]