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How to Fly the Plane in Solar Smash: Secret Unlock Guide

Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew.

by Nikola L
How to Execute Order 66 in Solar Smash

Solar Smash is currently one of the most popular pastime games on mobile, where you can destroy planets (or the entire Universe) in a matter of seconds just for the sheer fun of it. However, most of the damage dealt to planets was being done by proxy. There is also a secret way to unlock a plane that you can fly around that fires rockets at will.

How to Unlock the Secret Plane in Solar Smash

Luckily, the procedure to unlock the Plane is not that complicated. First, just start a game session. Do not destroy anything yet! You will need to do things in a specific order. First, tap on the UFO menu in the bottom right, then the last icon from the new sub-menu that pops out – see it highlighted below:

After this is done, you will get two virtual thumbsticks on the screen. Now, you will see a TARGET icon in the top left. You need to tap that once, and then the right thumbstick and voila, you will be in control of your very own weapon of destruction! With the left thumbstick, you can change your direction of flight (the axis is not inverted as it is in many flight games) and the right thumbstick is there for you to shoot lasers.

As an additional “meme” layer, you can try starting the “Execute Order 66” attack and then quickly jump into your own plane and destroy the planet together with the Republic fleet. Be careful not to collide with someone as it will kill your plane (not that you can’t get another one free of charge).

Here’s how to unlock all of the secret planets in Solar Smash, so you can fly around them (or through them if you will), and a guide on how to unlock all of the secret weapons so you can have even more allies in your conquest for destruction.

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