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How to Get All Secret Weapons in Solar Smash

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Get All Secret Weapons in Solar Smash

Our favorite planetary demolition simulator has a plethora of weaponry for destroying planets of various shapes and sizes. Several new weapons have been introduced to Solar Smash during its updates.

Currently, the game has 22 unique weapons, five of which can be customized in color, strength, size, quantity and speed. They are grouped into five types; they do not have official names – but instead, players have given them names based on their energy.

These are the weapon types in Solar Smash:

  • Spacial
  • Energy
  • Laser
  • Alien Tech
  • Monsters

Here’s how to get all Secret Weapons in Solar Smash.

Secret Spacial Weapon Black Hole

What would happen if a black hole just formed next to the planet? Well, the black hole expands and then eliminates all voxels within about twice the visible radius before fading and disappearing. The cosmic horror!

Secret Energy Weapon Nuclear Missiles

You can drop one nuclear bomb, or you can make it rain and watch the massive destruction. Nuclear bombs are also a good way to attack alien ships in the atmosphere – for fun.

Secret Laser Weapon Rapid Fire Lasers

Several tiny lasers are launched at the same time. This weapon must be held down in order to fire constantly. It functions much like a weak but quick plasma bolt. Very useful for precision shooting.

Secret Alien Tech Weapon UFO

This has a War of the Worlds type of attack – flying saucers will appear and fire a destructive green laser at Earth wherever the player touches.

Secret Monster Weapon Space Worm

The highest-class nightmare scenario resembles Asian dragons that burrow their jaws into the planet by passing through it like worms through an apple.

To unlock the new secret weapons, you just need to download the latest version of the game.

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