How to Unlock All Secret Planets in Solar Smash

Unlock all Solar Smash Secret Planets!

How to Unlock All Secret Planets in Solar Smash

Solar Smash, the Planet Destruction Simulator, is a simple game for mobile devices in which you have only one goal: destroy celestial objects of all shapes and sizes with various insane weapons. With various easter eggs and hidden surprises, many players wonder how to unlock all of the Solar Smash secret planets.

How to Unlock All Solar Smash Secret Planets

Now that you are aware of the existence of secret planets, it’s time to learn how to unlock each of them in Solar Smash! In-depth instructions on how to get all secret planets in Solar Smash are detailed below.

Flat Earth

An alarming number of people believe in flat earth theory, so in order not to feel left out in this apparently pro-globe game, it is possible to unlock Flat Earth in Solar Smash. All you have to do is set the laser to “5” and use it to destroy the upper and lower parts of the planet. When only the middle part is left, press reset and you’ll get Flat Earth as a target. It even includes the Flat Earth theory accurate little Sun that you can blow up as well.

Cube Earth

If you have a strong desire to blow up a planet that resembles a Minecraft block, you are in luck. To create it, open your grid settings and put the X, Y, and Z values to the middle, then lower each one by one.

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Next, the “excess” of the planet outside the grid should be destroyed. Anything marked inside the grid is safe, so fire away. Once you have the perfect cube, you only have to reset it once and Cube Earth is there.

Donut Earth

Maybe the Earth is flat, maybe it is a cube – and maybe it has the shape of a donut?! To unlock Donut Earth, the tactics are similar to the one used for Flat Earth, you need to remove the top and bottom, but also make a hole in the middle. When you “draw” a circle in the center of a thinned out planet, just hit restart and Donut Earth will be unlocked.

Ghost World

Now we are entering a really weird zone, because in Solar Smash it is possible to unlock the spirit-planet better known as Ghost World. To unlock the ghost planet, you need to hit the planet a million times. The easiest way to do this is with the purple ghost weapon, which you can find in the Monsters category. Bring out as many space ghosts as you can and when they completely destroy the planet after resetting it, Ghost World will be unlocked.


A giant snowman in outer space? At this point… Why not? Unlocking the Snowman is quite simple: you just have to freeze the entire surface of the planet with the Freeze Ray weapon and then restart. After that, it should be available in the Unknown System category. What’s amusing is that Snowman is indeed composed of snow, with no planet core to be found inside.

Trick or Treat

Although October is a long way away, Halloween lasts forever in Solar Smash if you manage to unlock Trick or Treat world – or a huge space pumpkin. To get the Trick or Treat World, you need to use the Planet Killer weapon found on the UFO tab (second weapon from the top). If you use it anywhere on Earth, the beam will overheat the planet’s core and make it explode. The trick is to press restart at the right time here, just a moment before the explosion – this requires very precise timing. If you do it right, the Trick or Treat pumpkin world will become available.

Gingerbread Man

One of the more comical Solar Smash secret planets is the Gingerbread Man planet. Just a heads up, you’ll need to unlock the Snowman Planet before you unlock the Gingerbread Man planet in Solar Smash.

To unlock the Gingerbread Man planet, the player must use the Planet Killer on the Snowman. After using it for enough time, the Snowman will begin to glow bright orange. The Planet Killer probe will then teleport away. As soon as it teleports, immediately reset the planet. If everything is done correctly, you should have now unlocked the Gingerbread Man planet in Solar Smash.


Solar Smash Secret Planets Guide: How to Get All Secret Planets in Solar Smash Tips and Cheats

The final secret planet in Solar Smash is called Blockworld. This Solar Smash secret planet is reminiscent of Minecraft, and is most likely a callback to the classic voxel game.

To unlock the Blockworld secret planet, the Cube Earth secret planet must be unlocked first (shown above). The player must first select Cube Earth and fire a Healing Missile at it. While the green mist from the Healing Missile is present on the Cube Earth, reset it. This should unlock the Blockworld secret planet in Solar Smash!

The Sun

That’s right, the sun is a secret “planet” in Solar Smash. Of course, the sun isn’t really a planet but it is a secret, so it is included in this list! To unlock The Sun in Solar Smash, players first start by looking at Mars. Players must then aim at the sun, and send 10 aliens (green UFO) towards it. Once this is done, the sun will explode in a fabulous spectacle, and the player will have unlocked the sun! The Sun in extremely resistant to most attacks in Solar Smash, so have fun trying to destroy it!

Now that you know how to get all secret planets in Solar Smash, it’s time to get out there and start unlocking them. Feel free to check back here if you run into any trouble!

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