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Where to Find Onikabuto in Genshin Impact

That's how you get someone to hate insects

by Patrick Souza
Where to Find Onikabuto Featured

Some Ascension Materials are unnecessarily hard to find in Genshin Impact, and this is precisely the case when we’re talking about Onikabuto. Having to collect those is a fear way bigger than losing every single of your 50/50s. And yet you’re required to get them if you were lucky enough to actually win yours when rolling for Itto or Heizou. 

They’re not only scattered around multiple islands, but those insects also tend to hide around trees, stones, and other stuff which makes them really easy to miss. We got some of the best locations to find these beetles, but make sure to double-check everything. Those things can be REALLY annoying, but we gotta do what we gotta do.

Onikabuto locations in Genshin Impact

Due to being living insects (they don’t move, but let’s pretend they’re alive), this is not a Local Specialty that can be found in any shop of the game. You can’t buy them anywhere, so you have to do this the old way. Use Gorou in your team if you have him as he’s literally the game’s sniffing dog. His passive shows if you’re close to an Inazuma Local Specialty by adding a small hand icon to the minimap where the Specialty is located.

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Narukami Island 

Here are the locations for all of the Onikabuto you can find on Narukami Island. Some of them will have you jumping into cliffs a few times, and that’s only the beginning.

Image via Genshin Impact Interactive Map

You can also find these ones in the northeast of the island.  Those are underground and can be reached by using the Waveboat near the three islands.

Image via Genshin Impact Interactive Map
Screenshot by Prima Games

We’re not done with this island yet. Inazuma City also has a few of them hiding in its underground. Drop down to the beach and search for an entry to get those.

Image via Genshin Impact Interactive Map

Seirai Island

Now go for the teleport near the Thundering Manifestation boss in Seirai Island and glide all the way down to the beach, where you can follow the route for securing them.

Where to Find Onikabuto Seirai Island
Image via Genshin Impact Interactive Map

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Starting out with the next island, we’ll be heading for the Kujou Encampment. There are only a few beetles here, but anything helps when we’re gathering those things.

Where to Find Onikabuto Kujou
Image via Genshin Impact Interactive Map

The rest of Kannazuka, on the other side, is swarming with those bugs, practically begging you for getting rid of them. Why won’t you fulfill its desire?

Image via Genshin Impact Interactive Map

Yashiori Island

Image via Genshin Impact Interactive Map

And we finally get to Yashiori Island where you can get the last batch of them. They’re just as scattered as they were on the previous island, but I suggest starting from the top of the map as those are less annoying to reach. And they’re already annoying enough.

This should net you 79 Onikabutos if you got them all, but I wouldn’t judge you if some were left behind. Just make sure you’ll have enough for your characters so you won’t ever need to chase them again. But yeah, you’ll definitely need to sometime.

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