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HoYoverse is Cracking Down on Genshin Impact Leakers… Again

You will be inlaid upon this statue.

As we prepare to go into the holiday season, we adorn our roofs with bright lights, raise our trees, set up our menorahs, and weed out Genshin Impact leakers through copyright claims. Truly, a joyous time of year. 

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With Version 3.3 around the corner, we among fans alike, eagerly await the drop of new characters, stories, and events. Likewise, certain players are on pins and needles waiting to discover content for 3.4. This should come as no surprise since it has been a year now since Itto’s major leak back in the summer of 2021. Leakers have only become more prevalent in this game due to their rising popularity. As soon as an update drops, beta tests are already prepared to hand out crumbs to the next version. This has been true for the last few updates, and content creators were not expecting it to change.

HoYoverse is Cracking Down on Genshin Impact Leakers… Again

But in light of the recent mass leak of content, Hoyoverse is not content to let things slide anymore. Right when 3.2 dropped, players and devs alike were astonished to see information about 3.3 all the way to 3.8, including hints about characters that were upcoming and in planning, events that would be returning, and story content. This was one of the biggest breaches this community has ever seen since the game was released and is not without its repercussions.

If you find your friendly neighborhood leaker feed quieter than usual, it’s because many have stepped back to keep from being discovered and slapped with legal fees. Silenced by threat alone, leakers have gone as far as to delete their accounts for fear of what the company can do. Leakers that have been discovered have been charged hefty amounts for damages in the past, and Hoyoverse is taking no more prisoners. Going after the biggest leaker of them all, Ubatcha, they have subpoenaed Discord in order to get the user’s information in an attempt to track them down. Little is known about what’s happened after this fact now that all conversations will be occurring within the legal team. 

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Even content creators are seeing massive DMCA strikes on their accounts where they shared information and yet are not leakers themselves. Popular informer and Twitch Streamer SipSipStefen has been quite forthcoming when encountering these claims on just about all platforms of his content despite only reposting news to share with a wider audience. And his TikTok account had been closed for many days while Hoyoverse was busy copyrighting just about every one of his videos that contained leaks. 

It’s difficult to say what will come of content surrounding Genshin Impact and its ‘Leaker Hunt Decree.’ But it did seem that while leakers can be damaging to a game company, they pushed Hoyoverse to become well-versed in drip marketing so fans weren’t left for months without knowing what the company was going to do next. Stay tuned with us as we continue to follow the matter closely to keep you well-informed.

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