What Is Tunneling In Dead By Daylight? – Answered

Get ready to run for your life.

When you jump into a game of Dead by Daylight, you’re either in for the time of your life if you’re up against a competent killer or in for the sweetest match of your life against someone hungry for the 4K. If you’re stuck in the latter camp, there’s a great chance you’ve experienced a great deal of Tunneling in your career. But what exactly is Tunneling, and is it a viable strategy to use as a killer, or will it just lead to a flood of angry chat at the end of a game?

What Does Being Tunneled Mean In Dead By Daylight?

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Tunneling is an act that is put forth by the Killer that you’re facing off against, where they will immediately target you as soon as you are removed from a hook. While this is not considered BM, or Bad Manners, this doesn’t stop various killers from performing such actions and being obnoxious in the process.

While it isn’t exactly the most fun for a survivor to be involved in, it’s still a variable strategy for a Killer to partake in. Getting one Survivor out of the match before a gen pops could be a detrimental way to ensure that you can take home a win, even if it is frowned upon by players on the receiving end. Do we recommend it? Not really, unless you’re incredibly hungry for a win.

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When you are removed from a hook, you’re invulnerable for a short period, allowing you to absorb a hit before going down again. Behaviour added this as a method to prevent players from Face Camping, so Survivors can get away before they’re maimed and hooked once again. However, Tunnelers will stop whatever they are doing to return to the hook after someone has been taken off to hunt down the freshly injured Survivor.

Can You Beat A Tunneler In Dead By Daylight?

As a Survivor, there are a few different ways that you can outplay someone that is hoping to tunnel you. While you may only have 4 Perk slots, there are a fair number of Perks that can help you out in a situation like this, such as Off The Record. By prestiging these characters first, you can get a solid number of Perks to help you deal with Tunneling Killers. Run one of these Perks to help you in a sticky situation:

  • Off The Record
  • Borrowed Time
  • Decisive Strike
  • Unbreakable
  • Second Wind
  • Dead Hard
  • For The People

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There are even more great Perks that you can bring to the table, but these should be some of the first that you consider bringing on your next exclusion into the Fog. If you’re playing in a SWF, you can also call on your friends to come and Body Block for you, so they can take a hit while taking a chance to escape.

While Tunnelers may be some of the most obnoxious players to face off against, if you’ve got a solid build on your survivor of choice, you can waste plenty of their time while your team works on completing more generators.

No matter if you’re someone that’s confused about the symbols on their screen, or someone that has been spending countless hours in the Fog, we’ve got your back before you jump back into a round. Check out our Dead by Daylight section below to learn more about your favorite game, or see if it’s the perfect multiplayer game for you.

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