All Status Effects In Dead By Daylight – Explained

Find out what may be giving you a headache in Dead by Daylight.

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Dead by Daylight sometimes feels more like a math or physics class than a video game, especially due to the large amount of Status Effects that can influence the outcome of a match, or just completely wreck you in a hectic chase. On the other side of the coin, however, there are some Status Effects that could boost your efforts, and get you moving in the right direction once again. We’re here to help you learn every bit of the puzzle, so let’s jump into the Fog together and find out what every Status Effect means in Dead by Daylight.

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All Buffs In Dead by Daylight

Below, you’ll find a list of all the Buffs that can inflict Survivors & Killers in Dead by Daylight, alongside a bit of information about what they’ll do for you and your team. You’ll know you’ve been blessed with a Buff by the golden icon on the side of your screen.

Blessed (Survivor)

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Activated whenever a Boon Totem is activated, giving Survivors access to the following perks:

  • Circle of Healing
  • Dark Theory
  • Exponential
  • Shadow Step

Essentially giving Survivors access to Healing and Stealth Perks, as long as they are within 24 meters of the active Totem.

Bloodlust (Killer)

Screenshot by Prima Games

If you’re playing as the Killer and receive the Bloodlust buff, your Movement Speed will be drastically increased.

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Endurance (Survivor & Killer)

Screenshot by Prima Games

For Survivors with Endurance, you’ll be able to take an extra hit from the Killer without being downed. This is incredibly useful for those that are feeling risky enough to take on someone that is camping the hook. You’ll know if you are blessed with Endurance if you take a hit and are outlined in white.

For Killers, you’ll be able to endure different Stuns inflicted by Survivors, including Pallet Drops and Flashlights. This will make it so you will only be stunned for a portion of the normal time.

Haste (Survivor & Killer)

Screenshot by Prima Games

Haste will drastically increase your Movement Speed overall, no matter if you are playing as a Killer or Survivor. You will need either Perks or Items to benefit from this particular Status Effect.

Undetectable (Killer)

Screenshot by Prima Games

Killers blessed with the Undetectable Status Effect will see a plethora of bonuses, including:

  • Lower Terror Radius
  • Smaller Red Stain
  • Aura is Blocked from Survivors
  • Smoke Screen Visual Effect

Vision (Survivor)

Screenshot by Prima Games

Survivors blessed with Vision will be able to utilize their Aura abilities at an extended distance, allowing them to see pallets and windows further with Perks like Windows of Opportunity.

All Debuffs in Dead by Daylight

While it’s always great to be hit with a Buff during the highlights of the match, you’ll also need to keep your eyes peeled for Debuffs that can be put into place by both Survivors and Killers. You’ll know you’ve been inflicted with one, due to the red icon on the side of your screen.

Blindness (Survivor & Killer)

Screenshot by Prima Games

Unlike Vision, Blindness will make it near impossible to see any Auras. This means that Killers can no longer see Generators, and Survivors will have a hard time using their Perks and Aura-reading abilities.

Broken (Survivor)

Screenshot by Prima Games

If you are a Survivor inflicted with Broken, you will not be able to heal yourself or be healed by others past the Injured State. This Debuff does drop off after some time.

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Cursed (Survivor)

Screenshot by Prima Games

If a Killer activates a Hex Totem, all Survivors affected will be Cursed until the Totem is Destroyed. Killer Perks can sometimes require Totems to be activated at the end of the game, so if you’re hoping to avoid NOED, be sure to cleanse Totems as you see them.

Deep Wound (Survivor)

Screenshot by Prima Games

Deep Wounds are caused by particular actions. For example, if The Legion hits you with their Alternate Attack, you’ll begin bleeding out. If you see a yellow health bar under your name, you’ve been inflicted with Deep Wound, and need to mend yourself or have another player mend you to full health.

Exhausted (Survivor)

Screenshot by Prima Games

Exhaustion will not allow you to use particular Perks in quick succession, but you can combat this by not running. If you are hooked and Exhausted, this Debuff will immediately drop after you are unhooked.

Exposed (Survivor)

Screenshot by Prima Games

If you have been Exposed, you can be downed in a single hit, rather than the two it normally takes. Be careful and play stealthily if you’re hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This perk does not show your location.

Glyph (Killer)

Screenshot by Prima Games

Glyphs are special items that Survivors can use to apply a specific set of Debuffs to a Killer, and if you see this icon paired with another, you’ll need to find and destroy the Glyph.

Haemorrhage (Survivor)

Screenshot by Prima Games

If you’ve been inflicted with Haemorrhage, you’ll begin dropping larger pools of blood that the killer can use to track you down easier than ever. You will also lose a large portion of your Healing Progress if you are not healed up to full health in one sitting.

Hearing (Survivor & Killer)

Screenshot by Prima Games

If you’ve ever heard that awful buzzing sound in real life that sounds like your ears are about to explode, then you know what the Hearing Debuff is going to do to you. You can hear nothing except for a high-pitched buzzing noise.

Hindered (Survivor & Killer)

Screenshot by Prima Games

If you have been hit with Hindered, you are going to move slower than ever. Clown Mains can understand the use of this particular debuff, as their alternate attack will cause Survivors to slow down to almost a crawl if they walk into the gas.

Incapacitated (Survivor)

Screenshot by Prima Games

Incapacitated makes it impossible for Survivors to help one another until the Debuff has gone away, and you may not be able to interact with certain items like Windowsils or Pallets.

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Madness (Survivor via The Doctor)

Screenshot by Prima Games

Survivors facing off against The Doctor have something else to worry about, as they can be infected by Madness throughout the match. If you do not heal yourself with this Debuff activated, your Terror Radius will almost always be going, and you will encounter audio and visual hallucinations.

Mangled (Survivor)

Screenshot by Prima Games

If you’ve been Mangled, it’s going to take longer than ever to heal back up to full health. Your healing speed will be reduced by 25% during your Debuff.

Oblivious (Survivor)

Screenshot by Prima Games

When hit with Oblivious, you will no longer have access to the Killer’s Terror Radius, nor will you hear them approaching. This means that players using the Visual Terror Radius will not have the upper hand here, either. You will still hear the Chase Music from your Killer, however.

Sleep Penalty (Survivor via The Nightmare)

Screenshot by Prima Games

A Debuff exclusively used by Freddy Krueger, it will take Survivors longer to wake up from the Dream State, leaving their Aura exposed for longer. If you don’t find an Alarm Clock quickly enough, you may find yourself the target of this Killer.

Luck-Based Buffs & Debuffs in Dead By Daylight

Alongside all the standard Buffs and Debuffs that are available, there is a chance that you may be struck with a Luck-Based Buff or Debuff during your match. If you look at your progress bar, a Standard White bar means that you don’t have any Buffs or Debuffs, Gold Bar means you have a Buff, and a Red Bar would mean you have been inflicted with a Debuff.

Chance (Survivor)

Screenshot by Prima Games

If you get hit with the Chance Status Effect, you’ll have a higher or lower chance of succeeding in your current objective. This only applies to the process of Self Unhooking, which has a base chance of 4%.

Efficiency (Survivor & Killer)

Screenshot by Prima Games

This will determine how quickly an item you are using may deplete. If you’re lucky, it will last longer, if luck isn’t on your side, it will wear out quicker.

Healing (Survivor)

Screenshot by Prima Games

Determines how effectively you can heal your teammates and yourself. Certain items will increase the quality of healing, so be sure to bring those along for the ride.

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Progression Speed (Survivor & Killer)

Screenshot by Prima Games

The Luck-Based Progression will show you how quickly you can complete actions. If you’re having a hard time breaking pallets as a Killer, for example, you may have been hit with the Debuffed version of this.

Repairing (Survivor)

Screenshot by Prima Games

This will influence how quickly you can repair Generators, so keep your eyes peeled on your bar when you first start working. If it’s Gold, stay in place unless things get too hairy.

Sabotaging (Survivor)

Screenshot by Prima Games

Influences how quickly you can perform Sabotaging actions, such as removing a hook before a Killer can hang a fellow Survivor.

Skill Check Difficulty (Killers & Survivors)

Screenshot by Prima Games

As you try to wiggle out of the grasp of a killer or need to hit that perfect check when healing or repairing, this Buff or Debuff can drastically change the outcome of a match.

Skill Check Probability (Survivors & Killers)

Screenshot by Prima Games

The Skill Check Probability will trigger how often a player is subjected to a Skill Check, which could help speed up the process of completing an action or drastically slow it down.

Now that you’re an expert at knowing exactly what is affecting you in Dead by Daylight, get ready to jump into the fog with a true National Treasure, Nicolas Cage. Alongside a laundry list of excellent perks that he can use, he also somehow managed to slip away from making it onto our Loudest Survivors list by a country mile. If you’re wanting to learn more about the game before jumping in yourself, be sure to check out our Dead by Daylight section below to learn even more about your new favorite multiplayer game.

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