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Vampire Survivors Advent Calendar Spoiler 11 Revealed (October 17, 2022)

Finally, a new weapon!

by Nikola L

We are in the final stages of the Advent Calendar it seems, being just a few days away from the long-awaited full release of Vampire Survivors. Today, we’ll be going over Spoiler 11 for the Vampire Survivors Advent Calendar on October 17th, 2022.

Vampire Survivors Advent Calendar: Spoiler 11 (October 17, 2022)

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Poncle has revealed a new weapon called Greatest Jubilee, which grants you a chance to spawn a Light Source next to you whenever you fire the weapon (make sure to boost your Luck to maximize the effectiveness!). See it in action below:

Official YouTube Channel of Poncle

In order to unlock it, you need to clear the achievement called “See the final fireworks.” What could that be?

That’s it for today’s Vampire Survivors Advent Calendar spoiler. Make sure to tune in to Prima Games tomorrow as well, and of course, come back on day one for guides on everything new that is coming to Vampire Survivors v1.0, including this weapon!

Until then, feel free to browse our guides for the currently obtainable items, weapons, and unlockable achievements if you are preparing for the v1.0 release of Vampire Survivors and want 100% of the achievements in Early Access.