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Temtem Ganki Evolution – How to Get Gazuma

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been enjoying your time with Temtem, then you’re likely getting into the predictable yet gripping cycle of, well, any other Pokemon game. Catch, battle, evolve, rinse and repeat. Things are no different with your team in Temtem – evolving your critters is only going to make them stronger, and while the level cap is lower than in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the philosophy behind powering up your team remains the same. Here’s our guide on the process of Temtem Ganki evolution if you’re wanting to get the gentle giant Gazuma. 

Temtem Ganki Evolution – How to Get Gazuma

If you don’t know anything about Ganki, well, we’ve actually got a whole guide on this particular adorable Temtem that we’ve relinked here for your convenience. This Wind and Electric-Type Temtem has pretty gigantic horns, which are really a precursor to how big it gets when it evolves into Gazuma. 

Gazuma is essentially a Ganki with more souped-up horns and different traits. The only criteria that you have to meet with your Ganki for it to turn into a Gazuma is that it has to level up 27 times. Yes, that’s it. We’re not talking anything complicated – just battle your way to an evolution and you’re basically going to be all set. Gazuma is the final form when it comes to this particular evolutionary line which means that there won’t be something else past this to aim for in terms of power. 

For those who are curious about how best to put this flying gentle giant to use, Gazuma can learn the following techniques (or moves, rather) by leveling up, and we can really see it making the most of its Electric typology here when it comes to its moveset:

  • Sparks
  • Nimble
  • Wind Blade
  • DC Beam
  • Chain Lightning
  • Drill Impact
  • Electric Storm
  • Turbo Charge

Now that you have your Temtem Ganki evolution guide to hand, actually getting a Gazuma should be pretty easy so long as you’re putting your Ganki out in the field enough to level up the requisite amount of times. Need a hand with anything else in Temtem? Check out these other tips and tricks that we’ve put together:

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